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The Remap garage is "Vehicle Tuner" I think he is on the the Old Bank Quay rd ? Phone No 01925 654895
Just bought a black RCZ 200 pk 2012 and it's perfect; apart from an early warning light, going to my garage for a computer reading.
This is a real sportscar and quite different from the Alfa Romeo Spider 916 I still have.
I have a black petrol 1.6 which replaced my 2.0 diesel which was written off in the summer when I got stuck on a flooded road. Car was floating and when the recovery man came he said, " only one thing to say mate, it's fucked"

I miss the torque of the diesel and was considering a re-map. Any advice?
Hello, I have just rejoined the group after purchasing a 2014 RCZ-R. My original R was written off 2 years ago and I was unable to find a replacement as only 35 came to Australia. Very happy to have finally located a replacement and with only 44,000 km and well cared for.
Well done mate that's definitely made your Christmas I hope.... Bet it was like looking for hen's teeth.. Hope you have a good 2020..
Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀
Les n Co and the Grey Lady