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Hi. Thanks for the membership. I live in Denmark. I bought my RCZ 2012, 1,6 -156 hp 3 months ago . I have been looking for interior / exterior modification parts since. Lambo doors are on my list but I cannot finde them. need help please. anyone?
good evening to all owners of Peugeot rcz. I have an RCS of 2013, a 1.6 petrol engine, 156 hp. I want to ask where in this car is the petrol filter to change it. Usually, it is located behind, near the right wheel. But I don't have it there. Maybe it doesn't exist at all? Please tell me.
Thank you for accepting me to the Forum. Presently driving 2002 Corvette convertible with about 100,000 KM, all factory stock. Looking to buy 2015 RCZ with only 20,000 Km in Mannheim, Germany. Original owner. Any thoughts, advice?? Thanks!!!