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So busy driving this gorgeous delight forgot to say hi ...💕this car so much..great mechanic If anyone needs a hand with theirs and is in London (or isn't) ..can't recommend them highly...Got car from them... Happy Driving peoples😍😊:)

What`s the car engine HP please?Thank you.
sorry don't know HP , engine is 1598cc

Its related to power of the engine.There are two models with 1598cc engine.

One model :
– Power: 197 hp | 147 kW | 200 PS
– Engine: 1.6L, EP6CDTX, I4, Petrol

And other model:
– Power: 154 hp | 115 kW | 156 PS
– Engine: 1.6L, EP6CDT, I4, Petrol

Can you please verify?Thank you.
El renting flexible permite adquirir un vehículo por una cuota fija mensual que incluye todos los servicios, con lo que se evitan imprevistos y el coste se controla íntegramente durante todo el periodo de contrato.
Hi, did you manage to solve your window 'up' issue as mine has exactly the same issue. Dad's done the same as you, i.e. motor working both ways on bench but not with temic module back in place and on the vehicle. Many thanks, Chloe.
Hi, sorry just read the last few posts explaining you success, will pass this info onto my dad.