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  1. tm2204

    Best oil catch can

    Not recommended. Ideally you need a catch can on both ends... one to protect the turbo and the other on the inlet side to minimize carbon buildup on the back of the inlet valves... it doesn't eliminate carbon buildup it just helps If your going to use only 1 catch can put it on the turbo side...
  2. tm2204

    Living with a RACECHIP!

    I didn't have to take the whole housing out. Just remove the top part of the housing (3 bolts at front and clips in at back) and you can get at the sensor underneath.
  3. tm2204


    I recently had P0016. Changing the cam sensor sorted it 👍
  4. tm2204

    PCV Breather hose check valve

    I don't have this either. What's the purpose of this valve?
  5. tm2204

    Poor Heaters..Great on cold..Poor on hot

    I had this problem when I bought my RCZ. The heater matrix is located behind a plastic panel in the front passenger footwell, not expensive to replace but will necessitate draining down the coolant unless your lightening quick swapping the hoses over... but TBH it probably just needs flushing...
  6. tm2204

    BOV Install

    It's not the BOV that reduces turbo lag... it's the fact I have a tear in the rubber membrane of my turbo solenoid that could increase turbo lag so replacing it should reduce the turbo lag I have on my car 👍
  7. tm2204

    BOV Install

    Found one on Amazon for £30 so decided to order it and replace the whole solenoid 👍🏼 This might account for the very occasional P0299 I've been getting. Car driving fine though and I don't notice any undue lag but I'll replace this and see.
  8. tm2204

    BOV Install

    Installed my BOV today on my 156 THP, literally took 5 mins and liking the sound & hopefully the reduced turbo lag. However when I took off the electrical solenoid from the turbo housing to fit the BOV I noticed I have a small tear in the yellow rubber membrane as seen on attached photo...
  9. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Yes, I've noticed it always seems to be cylinder 3 for some reason.
  10. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Did that. Cylinder 3 plug wasn't wet but it was damp unlike the others. Wasn't happy with any of the plugs tbh... New set of NGK Iridium's on the way 😁 Replacement Bosch coils arrived today, I replaced all 4... fitted in 5 mins and all good now 😁 No more error codes 👍🏼
  11. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Swapped in the new cam sensor & not throwing P0343 anymore but still EML, fan on full blast & now P1336, P1337, P1338 & P0353. And still P1339 Car is in limp mode & idling really rough. I've replacement coils & plugs on the way (needed doing anyways). No sign of P0087 so hopefully not the HPFP.
  12. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Thanks Pedro. I'm pretty sure it's the cam sensor... I'll knows when the new one arrives and I swap it in 👍🏼 I've been having an intermittent P0016 issue so this could be related. I've a new VVT Solenoid & chain tensioner to swap in and a new rocker gasket to fit. Chain itself is very quiet...
  13. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Driving close to home earlier... EML kicks in, engine running rough/misfiring. Struggle to get her home & when I stop fan is roaring full blast for about 5 mins before she stops. Scanned & it threw up P1339 & then P0343 after I cleared the P1339 a few times. Looked it up and it looks like...
  14. tm2204

    Rcz new heating Matrix

    You can buy a heater matrix on eBay for about £50 or £60. If you can drain & refill your coolant you can fit it yourself. It resides behind a plastic panel on the passenger side footwell. There are a few videos on YouTube showing how to do it... it's relatively easy 👍
  15. tm2204

    P0016 Cam/crank Error after valve gasket change - 1.6 Petrol

    Been informed it's 2 VVT solenoids for the 200 THP but just one for the 156. But again is there a separate electrical cam sensor on the 156?