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  1. RCZ-R

    Z "R"re-map

    It starts with the question what your reason for engine tuning is. Do you want improve straight line acceleration? Or more power in the low or high rev range? What is more important to you, just the sheer power possible with an engine like that or to keep that balance of power/torque/traction...
  2. RCZ-R

    Z "R"re-map

    Sure. As I wrote there are always those who don't know how to run-in and maintain an engine like the R has. I have a buddy of mine and he managed to kill the R engine on his 308 GTi within few months. Got a new one on warranty. Honestly I don't get it how he did that. The amount of stress and...
  3. RCZ-R

    Z "R"re-map

    Mine R had no trouble reaching the stated 270PS. And I trust the dyno I did the measurement on. I did few other cars on that dyno with comparable results. I know about some bullcrap stories posted on FB coming from some tuning companies claiming the RCZ R pulls only about 250 or less ponies...
  4. RCZ-R

    Z "R"re-map

    In what regards? During my ownership of the R I never managed to read out the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) on the engine. This would help me out find out if the IC gets too hot while accelerating. I always restrained from pushing her hard when there was +30°C ambient temp. But I also never felt...
  5. RCZ-R

    Z "R"re-map

    There is never enough power ;) I for myself never missed power in my R. Sure, there have been those very rare occasions where I was pulling with an cockster or gayman at +120 MPH and a few more ponnies would have helped there. But those have always been the exemption. I valued the balance...
  6. RCZ-R

    RCZ R Spark Plugs

    If the dealer has maintained the vehicle then the whole scope of works must be in the computer. They store it all. A print out should be doable. As for the plugs, just take one out and have a look at what type sits in your engine. This is a no-brainer job.
  7. RCZ-R

    Boot capacity

    Yup it does that. But when you pop the lid up slowly there is no water ingress.
  8. RCZ-R

    Oil/coolant contamination - timing belt fault?

    Hi there, It could be a blown head gasket. But it doesn't have to be that way. Blown head gasket can be verified quite easily (open the coolant reservoir, start the engine and see if air bubbles come up when revving up. This is a cheap do-it-yourself test). The other reason for engine oil in...
  9. RCZ-R

    +125.000 miles with the RCZ R (my story)

    No, but I did the cleaning of intake by injecting a cleaning solution. Go back in that whole thread and you will find some info about it :greetings-wavingblue:
  10. RCZ-R

    +125.000 miles with the RCZ R (my story)

    No rocker cover gasket. Yes, the turbo heat shield has been replaced twice on mine. First time on guarantee, second time on my wallet. I added it to the list above. No shocks or springs. Absolutely nothing on the suspension. Not a single part. The shocks got a bit tired towards the end but...
  11. RCZ-R

    200 thp - 23.9mpg

    I managed 6.0 L/100 km (47 MPG) easily while travelling in Lithuania (in-town traffic included plus traffic jams in Vilnius). With all the speed section controls you have over there it is an easy to achieve target on the RCZ R 8-)
  12. RCZ-R

    bureaucratic failure

    You'd live for a while in ze Germany, the headquarters of the EU. And then deal with MOT here. It is a mess. You cannot touch almost anything on your car without having it to be validated by a TÜV guy + paper work. And of course, money. I lost any drive to modify my cars at all. I just don't...
  13. RCZ-R

    Austria 2019 RCZ Meeting

    R's stock gearbox ends at exactly 168 mph according to my GPS measurements. And only if you rise your rev limiter by about 200-300 rpms compared to the factory settings. On stock rev limiter it may run out at about 165 or a bit lower than that. You have to run a GPS device next to it when doing...
  14. RCZ-R

    how reliable are rcz

    I can remember all the warnings I got thrown at me before I put the order on the R. Don't do it, they are so unreliable! The engine on those RCZ is a mess! Error codes all over the place! The TMPS causes the tyres to deflate after every hi-speed drive! The electronics will play Christmas tree...
  15. RCZ-R

    Driver seat movement

    Nope. No such issues with wind noises. Just the usual RCZ hurricane of wind noises at high speeds. But I must admit after the windscreen was replaced the wind noises became less of a burden. The company replacing the windshield also replaced all the rubber seals all around the doors and the...