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  1. DKZ5745

    Gary Barlow Wine

    I thought I might have said that, that’s why I was up at 4.00am taking the front door off 🥴
  2. DKZ5745

    Gary Barlow Wine

    I have an apology to make. Last night I drank 3 bottles of the new Gary Barlow Wine. Whatever I said, Whatever I did, I didn’t mean it 😐
  3. DKZ5745

    RCZ R - can any Peugeot dealer service it?

    It ran out at the beginning of this month. I could have renewed it for another 2 years until the car was 10 years old, then it’s no longer available. I decided to bank the £ thirty something each month instead. The car is hardly covering any mileage these days since we bought the Range Rover, so...
  4. DKZ5745

    RCZ R - can any Peugeot dealer service it?

    I have had my GT200 for almost 8 years now. It was on a main dealer service contract until this year. I have never been overly happy about the work carried out by my MD, in fact I have had to complain or take the car back on more than one occasion. I had my car serviced this year by a local very...
  5. DKZ5745

    New Peugeot and RCZ owner!

    Welcome 🖖🏻 One accessory they don’t supply is a spare pair of Boxers, you will need them when you hit the Rev limiter in each gear & get half way round a corner you have no right to get round at the speed you can in an RCZ. Not only one of the best looking cars on the road today, but also one...
  6. DKZ5745

    Roof rail Removal

    Mine were removed a good few years ago when I had my windscreen replaced 👀
  7. DKZ5745

    Urgent help needed?

    The rocker cover clearly states 200 on mine & looks different to yours.
  8. DKZ5745

    Non run flat tyres

    This is a very old thread, but yes, you don’t need runflats on the RCZ. If you do a forum search you will find plenty of opinions on tyres. I have Michelin PS4S on mine all round. Not the cheapest tyres, but the grip and handling is superb. Road noise is good too, and longevity is great on the...
  9. DKZ5745

    Graphics or not

    I think that decals are a very personal choice. When I was younger I always wanted to make my cars look different to anyone else’s, or if I saw someone’s car that I thought looked awesome I would want to copy it. My personal choice for the RCZ is to leave it exactly as it is. I love the lines...
  10. DKZ5745

    Missing bolt

    Unless, of course, we all have missing bolts 🤔😱
  11. DKZ5745

    Exhaust tips.

    There’s loads of stuff on EBay that says compatible with the RCZ that isn’t. Do some checks before spending your hard earned.
  12. DKZ5745

    Steering wheel vibration around 75mph

    I’ve noticed a slight vibration @ 150 mph, but that’s probably just my hands shaking 🤔
  13. DKZ5745

    Led filter PAF RCZ

    The LED mod has been mentioned on the Range Rover forum I am a member of as some members have the same issues with their cars, but as Ian has said, it’s not a mod I have seen discussed on here. I think on the RR forum there has been varied results, or too many were positive.
  14. DKZ5745

    Car won’t turn over😡

    Blooming auto spell correct, it’s always changing “starter motor” to “battery” when I type it too 🤣