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    New around here

    I don't have an R but from reading various posts, if they have not been done you might want to get the calipers refurbished. I believe many members have had theirs done by Godspeed brakes. The original the mild steel pistons are prone to seizing...
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    Colour Code

    Mine is Nera black metallic and the code is KTVC and like you when searching I can only find KTV. I think your guess that C is for clear coat must be right.
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    New radio install HELP ME PLEASE!

    Good luck and let us know if you manage to sort it out as I am sure a few people would be interested. As many people have managed to do where they don't have in-built Sat Nav it may be possible to replace the in-built one with the normal display but ideally better if can keep the sat nav display...
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    New radio install HELP ME PLEASE!

    Does yours have in built sat-nav screen? I assume it does as it's an NG4. From what I have seen from various posts I don't believe we can get all controls fully working when fitting a double din unit in RCZ with built in sat nav. I have an RT6 and did look around to see if possible to install a...
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    Newbie... researching RCZ R

    I've not driven an R. I wanted an R and ended up getting a 200 due to the cost of front brakes. Completely agree with Kerr that ultimately only you can decide what the premium is worth to you. TBH I am glad I've not driven one as if I did I am sure I would have wanted one even more!
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    Help please : Blank screen and nothing work on RT6 audio unit

    Yes, you would need to fix the display first. If I ever get time to do this myself I may try to video the process.
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    Help please : Blank screen and nothing work on RT6 audio unit

    HI Dtnat, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, the issue with pop up display is very common and likely to do with a cable issue. I don't think you can easily buy it and if you ask Peugeot they would say you need to replace the whole unit. There are some posts here on what could be done. I have...
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    I know of a place not to far from where I live in the UK with starting charge around £300-360 for coating which includes full decontamination wash, 1 stage polish and a ceramic coat. For your reference the place is called Concourse Detailing. If you look at their pages it may give you some...
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    RCZ pop-up SatNav display screen.

    Mine been playing up since I got the car back in Dec. Was planning to see if I can replace the cable myself by using a cat5 cable as per some of the posts in here but have not got around to doing it. Will give this one a go first,, thanks for sharing.
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    Wanted RCZ R

    I can't remember the comment about turbo, but if there was it would have been on the RCZ Owners Group Sales And Wanted Posts Only FB group and the post would have been removed (as per the group rules) as the car has been sold. I remember he mentioned he had an issue and waiting for a diagnostic...
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    Wanted RCZ R

    That one is a fraudulent listing. A member is selling that listed here & autotrader. eBay has been notified but has not taken it down.
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    Selling my RCZ R

    As Kerr mentioned, they used the old photos from previous private seller. I've just submitted a report to say it's a fraud, hopefully they'll remove it soon.
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    Wanted RCZ R

    What a great buy! The owner is very honest and has spent considerable amount maintaining the car. I am sure it will work out very well for you. I am certainly very envious, likely to be the best bargain so far!
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    Valuations of the R.

    Potentially sold already, seen someone said they are picking up an R they bought this morning on Thu. Just seen this on PH but on dealer website is £500 more...
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    Valuations of the R.

    Front brakes replacement is certainly one of the factors which keep me from shying away from getting one. From what I can see the private ones which weren't doing well were to do with no Peugeot warranty and maintenance history. I don't know how much they went but I know of two private ones...