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Hi. Thanks for the membership. I live in Denmark. I bought my RCZ 2012, 1,6 -156 hp 3 months ago . I have been looking for interior / exterior modification parts since. Lambo doors are on my list but I cannot finde them. need help please. anyone?
good evening to all owners of Peugeot rcz. I have an RCS of 2013, a 1.6 petrol engine, 156 hp. I want to ask where in this car is the petrol filter to change it. Usually, it is located behind, near the right wheel. But I don't have it there. Maybe it doesn't exist at all? Please tell me.
Thank you for accepting me to the Forum. Presently driving 2002 Corvette convertible with about 100,000 KM, all factory stock. Looking to buy 2015 RCZ with only 20,000 Km in Mannheim, Germany. Original owner. Any thoughts, advice?? Thanks!!!
Hi, every body, just joined. I drive a 2.0 hdi 2011 now at 206k en engine with no problems ( shhh )got the model wip 3d and 19 inch rims, just changed front disc and pads, next job is glow plugs as they are getting a bit tired.

If any one is looking for tyres I can recommend the mark TIGAR made under licence by Michelin here in France they cost between 90 and 115 euros.
Good afternoon. I have an RCZ 1.6thp 2011, which has been just brilliant. I have had the front shocks, wishbones and trailing arms replaced now there is not a squeak from the fron. I want to get the Timing chain done but it is proving very tricky. I am told you have to have a special kit to do it and my usual garage don't have it. Can anyone recommend somebody in the southeast around Ashfort?
OK so I've owned a RCZ since March 22, it's just cost me £350 on part of front suspension (and no I don't drive it 'hard') down side of this car so far is you can't jack up and change spare wheel, no where to put a phone holder (I've tried one in the vents but it wobbles about and my phone basically drops off!) & in the rain it's hard to see out of the rear window apart from that I ❤️it
I drove from Plymouth uk to halfway down France in torrential rain, I mean it was bucketing it down and I was amazed that the rear window was completely clear apart from a very narrow line of water down the centre of the rear screen….i guess it depends on how fast you’re going…if stood still, i expect you won’t see anything….
my phone is Bluetoothed in to the car automatically, don’t need to take it out of the case, sling on the back seat….and you can buy a Space Saver spare wheel, i have one with a Jack and it fits in the wheel well easily…after you’ve taken all the other junk out! Hope that helps.
Hello! I am the owner of a Peugeot 3008 and i have a problem with media navigation. The car was manufactured in 2012, and the problem is; when i start the engine, the screen of media nav started to open and close without no reason...all the data are restored, and the process continue on and on! Does anybody has such a problem? It s very strange. I make an diagnose and everything it s OK !
Hello, I'm having the same error codes as you posted in the forum. Did you solve the issue? What did you replace?
Good Morning!

Have now posted some photos of the RCZ R for sale now......

Kind regards,

James at Fish Brothers Peugeot
My Rcz radio multi function screen has gone blank, radio still works, I have noted several members recommend disconnecting battery leads for 20mins to reboot the system,
Will this mean I will need a code to set up the radio functionality?
My radio info screen also went blank,
Disconnect battery for 20mins & fixed rebooted the screen back to life.
No code required.

Hope this helps