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what's yours worth?


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May 15, 2017
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Western Spain and Costa de la Luz
Now here's a thought provoking bit of a WAFFLE.
We all have a pride in our motors and maybe occasionally push our luck; but generally we value them highly and treat them with a risk oriented tenderness.
After all, despite being insured, we would be pained if dents or worse befell our "pride and joy".
My RCZ may not be the vehicle with the highest price tag, and I have been fortunate enough to have had a go of some lovely motors over the years, some on the track.
What am I leading up to.
Well, a friend of mine, who I chatted to occasionally, when we both drove very quick sevenesque wheels here in Spain, has just recently upgraded his day job transport.
He was a NATO instructor on Tornados.
Good old kit and he did tours of Afghanistan and other exotic locations.
The powers that be retired them and retrained my pal.
When he climbs into his latest runabout, he is sitting in, and responsible for an F35B costing about, wait for it, ONE HUNDRED MILLION QUID. :eusa-whistle:
........ just try and put that in some kind of motoring context.
No, don't bother, the latest, one off Bugatti is merely FIFTEEN MILLION. :sleeping-yellow: