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Watch out for the Sludge Monster !


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Jan 16, 2020
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Due to the present motoring restrictions ( unless you own a farm cottage in Durham) a lot of us have probably just done a few short trips unless your back at work so maybe its worth checking under the oil filler cap to see if there is any slime present mine had a bit of slick going on below the camshafts so I took it for a burn out nothing too severe just enough to get it red hot so the next morning I checked the Tailpipes for soot & sure enough they were black inside so off with the filler cap & hardly any sign of heavy "custard" just a very thin film of sludge sitting on top of the head so its going to need another burn out !
What a lot of car owners don't realise is the sludge contains many residues such as condensates from the engine going from red hot to stone cold & left standing for a long period & very likely acidic deposits from the oil build up which is a natural occurrence in petrol & diesel engines
Remember the old quote "Look after the Car & it will look after You " :)