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Tricky rear passenger light...


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Mar 11, 2020
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So after my new rcz purchase I'm working round all the niggly jobs that need looking at...I noticed that the Daylight driving lights and rear main lights didn't work passenger side but. I swapped bulbs and swapped units to test the supply and the error lies in the unit. Drivers side all lights perfect.

So after comparing the two rear light units I noticed that the right light was wired fine but the left light had been cut and spliced between the white and blue wires. I'm guessing this was to get the car through MOT as a fail on the daytime lights isn't a fail but the main light is.

So I cut and re connected the wires to the correct colours and hey presto, no joy. So now I have no driving light or daytime lights but the indicators and brake work.

Can't work this one out and if anyone has a tip or trick let me know.

Worst case scenario I could re-splice to get the main rear light working but this would sacrifice the daytime light, wouldn't look right and would annoy me (but at least I'd be legal)

Any advice appreciated!


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May 29, 2018
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North Yorkshire
Well my brother had a 307 and he had a problem with the one of rear lights not working and when he had it checked out, find it hard to believe but was told that it was down to the number plate light that was blown and this was a why the rear light didn't work, so he checked it out changed the bulbs... Hay presto all working well again..
Hope this helps you out...
Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀
Les n Co