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The Red Jett's tyres . . . 195/55/R14

French Letter

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Nov 26, 2018
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Gold Coast Hinterland - Australia
Bridgestone, Dunlop once produced this size tyre - 195/55/14. Nice little 14" fatty . . .

Now no more.

My Red Jett, (Pulsar N14 SSS), which I keep the stock wheels because they look so great, needs these tyres. Tyre shops want to sell me the 185/60/14 size - yuck!

No such tyre size available in Australia.

But I still can get them. From our ANZAC mates across the 'Ditch' as we call it - (The Tasman Sea).


Yes, Toyo sell the size in New Zealand, but not in Australia. Go figure?

Purchased four, arrived today. That will last the Red Jett till the end. It does 1,000 miles a year now.

Great tyres, for great wheels . . . for a NISSAN N14 hot hatch.

Trivia: Nissan built the N14 Pulsar (Sunny in UK) to assault the World Rally Championships.
It had an amazing set-up. Called the N14 GTiR and nick-named 'The Baby Godzilla', had a turbo two litre bullet-proof SR20DE engine and their Altessa four wheel drive system. Competed for four years. No success. Engine heating problems due to the intercooler sitting above the engine. However all N14's (The Red Jett) had fully independent suspension, ie. struts on each corner. Mine was Oz made.

Check out details:


and Tommi Mäkinen.



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