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RCZ Front Stub Axle Steering Knuckle Bearing carrier


May 6, 2020
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Hi Folks, Its me again!
Noticed that car had classic sounds of wheel bearing on the way out (along with everything else!!)
So took to garage who diagnosed both front wheel bearings....so far so good..
On trying to remove nearside front bearing he had a lot of trouble removing it & broke his 10 ton press....,
when fitting the new bearing, it simply slide right into the carrier...not good.
Garage claims that old bearing damaged the stub axle carrier & increased diameter of carrier ......
Up shot is I have to get a new stub axle.
The removed stub axle looks identical to a Peugeot 308, which is interesting, because everywhere I looked for RCZ stub axle, it is "out of stock"
but there are plenty of 308, C4 etc stub axle available.
I have ordered a new 308 stub axle (£35 delivered) from ebay, so will soon find out.
I will let you
On the plus side I have fitted a new rear ABS SENSOR!!!!. 😀 😀
I had to hammer in an oversize torx to the 10mm allen key bolt to get it undone.
Putting the new sensor in was as fiddly as getting the old one out
I cleaned the ABS ring while the sensor was out the way.
Also rewired the plug connectors
Not had a chance to test it as car sitting on ramp with front wheel off & no stub axle
with at least a week waiting for new part
Anyone with info on front stub axles or has nearside front one available in Ayrshire please contact me.
All the best