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Old member re-registered.


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Sep 15, 2020
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A while back my forum account details stopped working and password recovery said my email wasn't recognised, so I've finally got around to re-registering after I watched a black RCZ driving in the traffic just ahead of me yesterday and it reminded me how awesome the RCZ is!

Anyway, my original introduction thread is here... Got my new RCZ today!!!

I had a 61 plate black mk1 Sport 156THP in 2011 which I traded in for a 13 plate red mk2 GT 200THP in 2014, and still drive to this day.

It needs a bit of TLC after six years... the wheels are all curbed, arches stained, a few chips of paint gone on the rear right, the faulty sat nav screen cable is making the screen go funny colours. Oh, and the rear middle brake light has lost 3 LEDs. Lots of little things I've not got around to fixing yet.
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