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MOT over revving


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Aug 22, 2022
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Hi Guys

This is my first time here and am looking for your thoughts on a situation I have just had with my pride and joy 65 plate RCZ.
Last Monday it went for its Service and MOT.
I decided to wait and was witness to the resulting issue:
The MOT Centre carrying out the MOT (not the Peugeot garage) rang the garage to say that during the emissions test
the car stopped revving and a mechanic was needed. The car was put on the diagnostic machine and sorted! and sent back for the MOT to continue with the MOT.
I was not informed of the outcome.

Drove home and car seemed OK. On the Wednesday the car started to judder whilst driving and initially seemed worse in 3rd and 4th gears.
Drove the car gingerly to work and got on with my day. Driving home on an unlit country road in the dark the car started to judder violently
resulting in a horrible engine noise that I can only describe as if the engine had a load of nails in it. No warning lights came on and car decided to
stop just round a bend!

Dead engine and no lights fortunately had my hazards working. Just to add RAC hopeless could not get to me for hours.
In the end some young lads helped and were brilliant.

I have done some research and believe this may have been caused by the over revving. The car was perfect before hand.
The mechanic that carried out the MOT said and I quote 'I checked the oil and water and is a risk you take when you put your car in for an MOT'

Had to pay a vehicle recovery firm to take the car back to the Peugeot garage and await the verdict and the associated cost.

I could do with some advice as I am planning to take this further with the MOT Centre. My fear is they have irreparably damaged my engine.

One heart broken RCZ owner (or was an owner)


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Jan 16, 2020
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No EML on ? Battery power loss springs to mind when the car stalls but you need a diagnostic scan to check why its stalling