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is the BSI make treffic issue?


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Nov 24, 2019
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I think that the BSI make issues :
1) spoiler open and close in the same time,and this happens when i start driving awhile do stop and now its happen- when again starting drive (less from 50kmh)
2)top up coolant massage strange issue-
1. start engine in the morning but disappeared right away after engine run or after 1 mintue
2.and also: first enter to car and do half switch (engine not run) and push breaks or rotate wheel right/left or do blinker right/left!!
3. coolant temp scale (in the instrument panel) after car was rest rise up to 90c (but obd saw 50c) and fell to 50c and again 90c to 60c - this take 10min until its steady, but obd coolant temp show linear without any falling down fault

the diagbox show only 1 fault all time -and its in the BSI - f03e

do i need to replace BSI? and yes i do many time BSI dancing reset