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Hi from Aussie...


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Nov 19, 2021
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Laguna Quays
Bought RCZ over a year ago to replace my beloved silver 306 cabriolet. But since has been mostly off the road. It's 'Haria Grey' (I noticed the forum doesn't list this colour, its like dark grey almost black with multi coloured metallic sparkles), Manufactured April 2012, Auto 1.6T. A beautiful car but it scares me to death with the costs of owning it. So far I've had to pay out with not many k's actually driving it. Bought at 76,000 now at 90,000km.
So this is the story so far, in this order over a year and a half....all issues are due the engine light illuminating. Only 1 European mechanic in my area diagnosed these via computer hook up into dash.

1. Faulty PCV valve: replaced rocker cover as PCV valve not interchangeable.

2. Faulty coils in cylinders 2 and 4: replaced all 4 coils

3. 90,000km service. No probs but replaced and topped up usual liquids.

4. Engine fault code P2263: replaced Diverter valve in the turbo charger. A small part of it broke and was sucked into the turbo causing minor damage to a vane. Mechanic thinks it should be okay to continue driving it with the damage. Due to replacement of diverter valve it was recommended to replace the Pressure Control Valve as well. Both the Diverter valve and the Pressure Controller have been replaced.

5. Mechanic had troubles with the gearbox shift resetting and had to call a Peugeot dealer to help fix by reprogramming computer.

Engine light on....again when driving away from mechanic shop.

5. Immediately after work done in 4 above the mechanic said another engine fault has occurred and it needs to be fixed by a Peugeot dealer. It indicates it as a 'Technical Service Bulletin' (TSB) number B1HW013YQ0. This can be obtained from https://public.servicebox.peugeot.com which shows a procedure to modify the oil breather pipe and update the engine ECU software to fix the original fault code of P2263.

The mechanic advised me to drive the car up to Townsville 4 hours away to have the Peugeot dealer fix as its a TSB. Ive called them to advise the problem and parts are being sourced as I write from France.

I feel I've bought something that has an evil entity attached to it and desperately wishing a free run of no engine lights. Have I bought a dud or is this all in the deal of owning an RCZ?

Thanks for reading, any help, consoling words or more info would be appreciated.


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Jun 3, 2020
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Another Aussie here. Beware of the fault codes. They can take you down the wrong path and may cost many $$$ trying to fix a mis-diagnosed problem. You need to find someone who can fix the car without relying on the codes only. Other than that, they are great cars and a future classic.


Oct 19, 2021
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Melbourne Australia
Another Aussie here too :)

I'm really sorry to hear of your ownership experience to date and can't imagine how frustrating they must be and how disillusioned you must feel about your RCZ.

As an owner of 3 RCZ's (2 in Melbourne and 1 in Brisbane) I've never once had even one of the problems that Sijamor is sadly experiencing.

Though I cannot offer solutions to each of the issues you are detailing, the fact that you bought it at 76,000klms may give some insight.. Perhaps you've inherited in a car that didn't receive proper care and servicing it required? .... did it come from an area of Qld where the previous owner was also unable to access Peugeot trained mechanics or a Peugeot dealership?

I'm in a very fortunate position where after several failed attempts I found a Peugeot Service dealership in Melbourne that is beyond exceptional and a Peugeot after market mechanic in Brisbane who is mechanical genius with French cars. Both of them constantly remind me that disciplined servicing and 6mthly oil changes are the key to a trouble free Peugeot. Same for most cars really.

So I share the same opinion as apple3337.

I'd definitely do whatever it takes to get it to a well regarded Peugeot mechanic or Peugeot dealership service centre where the right diagnosis equipment coupled with years of knowledge and experience will hopefully be able to solve your problems. Unfortunately you'll never be able to make up for what wasn't done by the previous owner in it's first 76,000 klms. Perhaps it was running on borrowed time? I hope not. Give it a shot anyway and see if the issues can be resolved once and for all ... and hopefully you'll discover the true joy of owning these very special cars.

RCZ's are diagnosed via a hook up in the centre console (remove the rubber lining on the lowest nic nacs tray and you'll see the plug in) and not in the dash.
Is this the location you meant?
If your mechanic hasn't used the correct plug in port then he couldn't have mapped the codes correctly.

Welcome to the Forum by the way ....