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Hello and a bit about us



Hi all,

Firstly thanks for having us on your forum!

We are a small company making a big impact on the UK car scene. We supply quality detailing products for fair prices and you guys get a nice little discount to boot.

We are proper authorised resellers for all the brands we stock which include, Dodo Juice, Poorboys, Anglewax etc but also a couple of brands we exclusively distribute in the UK; DD and Dr Beasleys which are both top end ranges.

We can offer group buys, just get in touch.

It's not all about making money though (although we have to do that to survive), if you need advice please get in touch. We are here to help if we can! It's as much about general car care as it is show prep, so if you are new to detailing and think its a daft question it isn't, somebody else will probably be thinking the same.

The website is here http://www.bearswaxfactory.co.uk feel free to have a look. We are also on Instagram and Facebook. Check us out and follow us because that is where the big offers are posted first.

We will try and post as often as we can but keeping up with things is tricky at times so please be patient.

Remember it's all about the shine!