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Can A/C lights be activated with engine off?


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Sep 21, 2022
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Hi All,

I have recently purchased an RCZ with light front crash damage- all brackets and crash structures are intact. A little backstory at: Hello! The beginning of my RCZ story.

However, it wasn't checked if the car could run, it was unconfirmed at the auction sale.

I checked the photos for clues but the close up of the instrument cluster only showed the mileage, and other shots didn't show the rev counter either.

However, I noticed that a few lights for the air conditioning were on! As far as I'm aware, the air con in the RCZ shouldn't run with the engine off. A photo is attached below to show this.

But, can the lights for the various buttons still turn on when the car is off? (But in ignition)

If the buttons can't be lit up, it means the car was running, and it'll give me a great look into the car's running condition before it arrives.qi3cp9wtxx4qw8i1lngkes8f0b77s47l59f7c410.jpg