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  1. tm2204

    BOV Install

    Installed my BOV today on my 156 THP, literally took 5 mins and liking the sound & hopefully the reduced turbo lag. However when I took off the electrical solenoid from the turbo housing to fit the BOV I noticed I have a small tear in the yellow rubber membrane as seen on attached photo...
  2. tm2204

    P1339 & P0343

    Driving close to home earlier... EML kicks in, engine running rough/misfiring. Struggle to get her home & when I stop fan is roaring full blast for about 5 mins before she stops. Scanned & it threw up P1339 & then P0343 after I cleared the P1339 a few times. Looked it up and it looks like...
  3. tm2204

    Squeeking Door Mirrors

    A video to fix the annoying squeaking door mirrors some people have when folding in/out the door mirrors :) 👍
  4. tm2204

    Model RCZ

    Arrived in the post this morning, picked it up on eBay. Don't think they are in production anymore :(
  5. tm2204

    Oil Catch Can

    Anybody fit an oil catch can to trap all the oily air recycled from the PCV valve and on through the cold feed to the turbo? Done some research and I believe this can greatly reduce the carbon deposits building on the back of the intake valves. As well as that I recon you can do without all...
  6. tm2204

    'How-To' Guide To Replace Turbo Oil Feed Line

    I've added a 'how-to' guide to my other thread after getting this job done today 👍 Hope it will be of help to anyone who need to get this job done. It's totally do-able 😁👍
  7. tm2204

    Wheel Touch-Ups

    Did some work on my wheels over the weekend 👍 Had intended to get going with my Autoglym Polar pre-wash, wash & seal using my new pressure washer (complete with snow foam lance 😁) but the queue's outside Halfords on Friday (to get the Polar products) dictated otherwise 😠 So I did a 'normal'...
  8. tm2204

    Heater Matrix Flush

    Noticed my cabin doesn't get particularly hot even with the aircon set to Max & on full blast. Tried a few different blower positions but nothing blows out the kind of hot air I'm used to :) Not currently a problem with this weather and I've read up and seen many have replaced the heater...
  9. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Noticed a small oil leak around one of the Turbo pipes earlier.. 1.6 THP (156) Above is the location of the pipe & weepy leak. Close up of the pipe, fitting and the leak. It's not dripping any oil just a small weepy leak at this point. Any ideas or suggestions? 👍
  10. tm2204

    First Service

    Did my first service on the car yesterday... Went well (albeit a little slow for the first time 😂). Oil out from the sump, Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5w-30 in, oil filter changed, air filter changed, cabin filter changed, spark plugs out & checked (OK for now 😁). Also checked the condition/levels...
  11. tm2204

    Oil Change Through Dipstick

    OK so my service kit arrived today including Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5w-30 oil. Anxious to get all the filters changed but in particular the oil & oil filter as I've just bought my RCZ and don't know if the correct oil was used last service. I'll check the plugs as well, see what state they are...
  12. tm2204

    Bluetooth on Engine Switch Off

    Apologies if this has been covered before (I searched and could not find it) 😊 When I'm connected to Bluetooth from my phone to my RCZ listening to music and I turn off the engine by turning the key just one position leaving it in the accessories position it turns off the stereo completely...
  13. tm2204

    New RCZ Owner From Ireland

    Hello, Just this week purchased my first RCZ, a 1.6 THP (156) model having previously had the last (I've had 4) of my 406 Coupe's for 17 years. Have had my eye on the RCZ for a while now and decided now was the time to make the jump for many reasons. Got a good 'Covid-19' deal and I'm...