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  1. mitec

    RCZ R 2014 Tensioner

    Hi,can anyone confirm correct Peugeot part number for the chain tensioner for a RCZ R 270 BHP 2014 and the equiv BMW part if known.I understand that some BMW mini/std RCZ tensioners will fit but don't apply suffient chain pressure?Grateful for any help thx
  2. mitec

    RCZ R Gear knob

    Hi,used RCZ R red insert gear knob,its much heavier and solid than std RCZ gear knob ,looking for £50 inc UK p/p.
  3. mitec

    rcz part number needed

    Hi,can anyone help with part number for the blanking trim at back of centre consul under cubby section thx
  4. mitec

    RCZ front indicators stopped working

    Hi,wing mirrors indicators/rear indicators work fine but...both front indicators have stopped working even when useing in hazard mode.Any suggestions?do you know location of fuse/relay?thx
  5. mitec

    RaceChip RS thp 200 +30 bhp

    Hi,now I've got my RCZ R 270 bhp I need to sell a brand new/never fitted RaceChip RS (+30 BHP)which I purchased for £248.99 to fit my other car; RCZ GT 200 thp 2011 .Looking for around £200,if interested pls let me know.Can arrange courier if you wish.
  6. mitec

    RaceChip RS Chiptuning Peugeot RCZ 1.6 THP 200 147kW 200PS Power Tuning Box

    Hi,I have a brand new Race chip for a thp200 RCZ 2011/12 it is the" 30 bhp" version ,paid £243.38 never fitted as I changed the car for a RCZ- R 2014 which requires a different RACE CHIP .Looking for £200.00 inc delivery.Can send photos if requried ,just confirm email address.Cheers
  7. mitec

    RCZ R history

    Hi,does anyone know history of Reg no; PK14PDZ (May 2014) previous owners ect thx
  8. mitec

    RCZ R Handbook 2014

    ;RCZ R HANDBOOK can any one help me with details of the print addition/reference number ?The version given by the dealer to me is AN.13RCZ.0030?????print version 08- 12 The car is a 2014 RCZ R thanks
  9. mitec

    RCZ R /RCZ THP200 Owner

    Hi All,just purchased a Black RCZ R and I must say it a great improvement over my current RCZ thp200 Version 2011,offered silly money by Dealer as a trade in so open to offers from club members before avertizing it elsewhere.I have owned a RCZ for any years and never regretted once,my problem...
  10. mitec

    rcz n/s/f inner splash guard

    Hi,other than main dealer can't seem to find a used N/S/F inner liner,can anyone help.Tried Ebay without success
  11. mitec


    Hi,I 'm looking for a N/S/F inner wheel arch plastic cover (inc plastic fitting?)can anyone help thx