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  1. K

    Seen 2 in Harlow

    Hey...seen 2 local to me , one white one black. Hello if you are on the Forum
  2. K

    Oil leak update and abs esp light question ...may help someone else too

    Hi A few weeks ago I posted about an oil leak that left a drip of oil on the floor but wasn't easily pinpointed. After a very helpful chap spent some time cleaning and checking we seem to have a really small drip coming from the oil pump control electro valve as he calls it. Wonder if anyone...
  3. K

    ESP ASR ABS FAULTY ...only had car 4 weeks

    Had car 4 weeks , first an oil leak and now this...the dealer it came from has not run away, sorted the oil leak and has asked me to pop car to them to get it looked at again. Love the car but its a little frustrating. I realise its 10 years old. Does anyone else have this kind of experience...
  4. K

    Good afternoon everyone

    Just picked up my car from a local dealer, they have mainly Porsche and BMW but having loved the look of this car since it came out and driving past it for the last week on the forecourt decided to go for it. As someone else posted , just turned 50 so if not now then when... Looking at some of...