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  1. neilgsxr69

    Sat nav

    Is it a 2020 update?
  2. neilgsxr69

    Front badge

    The lion does come off it’s just double sided tape plus some locating tabs. Use fishing line or similar to cut away at the old tape to remove them either mask off and spray or vinyl wrap 👍
  3. neilgsxr69

    Carbon roof wrap - gloss or matte?

    Peugeot actually offered two options of carbon roof one high gloss the other matte As Verminator said my launch edition came as standard with the high gloss version, the option on other models would have set you back £1300!
  4. neilgsxr69

    Custom Car Mats

    🤔 hopefully the creases will fall out, as long as your happy with them for the money I don’t think they look bad. 👍
  5. neilgsxr69

    Hi there - and a question about updating diagnostics

    “Free check” not that old chestnut 🤣🤣
  6. neilgsxr69

    WIND Powered RCZ

    Great shots there 👏👏👍
  7. neilgsxr69

    Forge motorsports action day 2020

    Castle Combe race circuit
  8. neilgsxr69


    I bought mine from these guys it were around £170-£180 delivered
  9. neilgsxr69

    wheel spacers

    You need 5 x 108, 65.1 wheel bore and 65.1 hub centric. I’m not sure about the thread length as I have aftermarket alloys with a tapered seat where if your using standard alloys you need the flat seat type bolts your probably looking at 50mm thread length 75mm total bolt.
  10. neilgsxr69

    Forge motorsports action day 2020

    One of only a few car events to happen this year today’s Forge action day was a real success many truly stunning cars there and our little group of RCZ’s drew plenty of attention from the event attendees. Here’s a few photos of our group. Don’t worry if you missed out there will be plenty more...
  11. neilgsxr69

    Little meet up

    Just a little ride out to blow away the cobwebs 😊
  12. neilgsxr69

    Newbie intro

    Me and the Verminator nearly bought this car between us because it was so rare 😂
  13. neilgsxr69

    Third break light

    Remove all plastic studs by levering out the internal to release the stud if I remember I think there are about 16 then remove the two torx screws hidden in the hand pulls see photos remove the two nuts for the light fitting these are the outer ones disconnect light connection, there are two...
  14. neilgsxr69

    156thp front brakes upgrade

    We would have to see how many members would be interested do you have any links to each manufacturer and their kit? I’ve seen the Ksport kit which looks super another is pug1off they’re probably cheaper and better quality.
  15. neilgsxr69

    scuffed silver alloys

    Looks a good job to me 👍
  16. neilgsxr69

    Led indicator bulbs.

    Exactly I have these too I don’t know why people think they’re wrong? Surely they’re strobing in the direction of turn?
  17. neilgsxr69


    Hi and welcome, the RCZ is an absolute bargain at the moment I’m sure your going to love it, let us know how you get on and don’t forget to post some photos 👍
  18. neilgsxr69

    How nice is this interior?

    Saw this in Instagram not sure if it’s custom or factory but I reckon it looks well smart!