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  1. Pedro

    No Turbo

    I know these Engines need a full normal warm up if you thrash them from cold before normal temp is reached they don't like it & this can trigger Fault codes for Engine Temp Fan Water Pump etc which can affect they Combustion data cycle being sent to the ECU & will affect functionality or...
  2. Pedro

    Diagnostic code P0351, Peugeot to replace coils and sparks to cure juddering

    Hold onto your hat Kidder as mine juddered on acceleration when only warming up & my HP Fuel Pump (Generic problem) was dying so fingers crossed its Possibly a cheapish fix Cosmetic Mechanical fault if it occurs again but hopefully all will be OK 👍
  3. Pedro

    Dashboard lining/triming

    Worst case scenario someone has washed it & left in the sun to dry there was a problem with the earlier models of the leather dash cover splitting open mainly due to the skins drying out probably caused by not being treated with preservatives
  4. Pedro


    Hopefully nothing which will hurt your wallet :)
  5. Pedro


    I don't mean to insult your intelligence but strange as it may sound but if you "thrash " these cars from cold you will find the fan kicks in even when the temp is showing coldish on the gauge I discovered this not long after I bought mine & I think its poss something to do with having an...
  6. Pedro

    No Turbo

    Too much Air in the Fuel/Air ratio ? Faulty Lambda sensor ( Bank 1) maybe upstream sensor has detected lean combustion... Faulty Maf sensor ( clean sensor) Faulty Powertrain Module ( Rarely) Electrical circuit Malfunction Undocumented codes are probable ECU Programed stored codes not usually...
  7. Pedro


    AS DKZ stated its poss Senor or Thermostat sticking this causes a Temp fluctuation on the Gauge but if the low level sensor in the header tank is not showing a fault then its as above but this usually triggers the Fan to come on so I'd be open minded as to what the real cause is without...
  8. Pedro

    Peugeot RCZ Front ABS sensor Magnetic or optical

    Reset the BSI see if it changes anything regarding the EML I doubt all the sensors are at fault it may be down to an Electrical issue so you might need a Auto sparky to check if there is no wiring harness problems Regarding the Timing chain I don't know the mileage or service history but the...
  9. Pedro


    How many Cranking Amps is the Battery throwing out? A battery with dying cells can play up for a day a week or even months
  10. Pedro

    Peugeot RCZ Front ABS sensor Magnetic or optical

    I doubt if the bearings are at fault if they Torqued them up correctly they will only go so far into the Hub flange have you checked the connector plug for corrosion & if the feed is OK I think the resistance on a new sensor If I remember correctly you should get a reading of around 740 OHMs...
  11. Pedro

    Peugeot 3008 Hybrid Radio

    You could try it & if it wont reboot the system then you may need to default it & possibly reinstall the programme the problem with aftermarket upgrades is they are not all compatible with the original factory equipment which can be locked in the cars BSI ECU configurations
  12. Pedro

    Peugeot 3008 Hybrid Radio

    May be an issue with the BSI poss have a conflict in the programming system
  13. Pedro

    Diagnostic code P0351, Peugeot to replace coils and sparks to cure juddering

    On the Prince Engines Unfortunately its strongly advised you change all 4 plugs or coil packs together mainly due to the fact if one is failing the others won't be too far behind so better to be safe than sorry as for the fan the ECU has detected a combustion fault which may interfere with the...
  14. Pedro


    Battery may be knackered as the car is going into "Load Management mode" works in conjunction with "Limp mode" its triggered when not enough power to supply all systems is detected thus it shuts off certain Ancillaries to make sure there is adequate supply to the main ECU BSI modules The...
  15. Pedro

    No Turbo ?

    Check the Diverter Valve it may be seals leaking or it may be failing altogether
  16. Pedro

    Timing chain

    Change the Tensioner (generic fault) first off then if it still has a death Rattle maybe a new chain but the VVTI solenoid has been known to cause a valve train rattle so you need to make sure its defo coming from the chain end & not the other side
  17. Pedro

    Warning light

    Lambda sensors are the usual suspects to cause the cat light to appear & disappear & as AEK has already said get the code reader hooked up & see what it produces
  18. Pedro

    Rear spoiler

    When Porche fitted the Spoiler to their variants the CEO was asked at the Launches what benefits will the new concept give to the cars Handling & performance & his reply was "None it only enhances the cars body styling but serves no real purpose?" :confused:
  19. Pedro

    Sat nav

    You need to go to the dealers the system needs to be reset to default its an issue that occurs after you switch the ignition off & on apparently the Sat Nav is not initialising when powered up so its a MD job as the Programming may be corrupted by the updates
  20. Pedro

    Rcz 200hp 2011 AC compressor cut off in full throttle

    If the Air Con works at lower speeds then you may find its not a fault