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  1. Verminator

    Pick up day tomorrow!

    Good luck with your new RCZ and that 3rd gear will amaze you Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  2. Verminator

    Sat nav

    What was the one that you got and what price can you please send forward the information for us fellow RCZers
  3. Verminator

    Old member re-registered.

    Refrenz welcome back 😎🤓. drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  4. Verminator

    Beautiful Pearl White

    You will have to leave them a note on there windscreen and arrange to go for a drive together I do this with a few good friends who I have met with and when we get out there's always a lot of people turning around to see what has just passed them lol 😂 Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  5. Verminator

    Beautiful Pearl White

    Nice looking RCZ you have got yourself there , welcome to the forum Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀. Les n Co
  6. Verminator


    Hi spud Welcome to the forum and you have come to the right place for any information or advice on your RCZ, Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  7. Verminator

    It's Arrived

    Nice RCZ you have got yourself there... Quick recovery after the accident and hope that you will be able to get behind the wheel soon Stay safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  8. Verminator

    WIND Powered RCZ

    A little cleaner diesel lol 😂
  9. Verminator

    Used car warranty

    That's fine but the Hdi have timing belt not a chain change at 100k or six years what ever comes first.. I was quoted for full service and timing belt change at a peougeot /citroen specialist £300 all in.. So not braking the bank..
  10. Verminator


    Will ask for the info for you
  11. Verminator

    WIND Powered RCZ

    Hi all you RCZers just popped up the road this afternoon and was just wondering if I could use wind power for the extra bhp on my Hdi so here's a few photos to ponder over............ hope all staying safe.. Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n the Grey Lady
  12. Verminator


    That's about the right price many RCZers have been on ebay and bought a complete boot with all the fittings and found this is cheaper and you get more for your money, but ask if the light is fine. That is what I did... Hope this helps you out... P. S. There's a place in Holland I think it is...
  13. Verminator

    Sat Nav!!

    Good result there for you
  14. Verminator

    dpf warrning

    The dpf on your car Hdi it's been said that the best way to keep it in good order is to get the exhaust pipe hot to burn out the buildup by taking the car for a good run and keep it in lower gear forth at 70mph on a motorway for a good 15 minutes to get hot then you should see a difference Hdi...
  15. Verminator

    Rear folding seats?

    Can borrow my glasses if you want or try and book an appointment at specksavers 😂 lol 😂 Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  16. Verminator

    Buying advice.

    I have a Hdi and so does the wife and the 3rd gear is a wow factor and pulling power is unlikely to disappoint you. As for remaining I have been told by a company that specialises in it they said they would easily increase the 163 to 180bhp but I have left our RCZs as they are as very happy all...
  17. Verminator

    Buying advice.

    Hi James Service history, and two keys, check the middle brake light to see if any LEDs are out as new units are £200, also the jacking points see if there's any damage as they tend to get bent flat by those who don't use the correct Jack's and damage these, also check the...
  18. Verminator

    What phone holders are you using?

    Just leave it in the tray area below the cd player
  19. Verminator

    Rear spoiler

    If you can't do this then put your phone on video mode set up in the rear window and off you go
  20. Verminator

    Carbon roof wrap - gloss or matte?

    Yes it's gloss finish was and is on the laurch edition as standard