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  1. Jumper


    As above sounds like a new battery required. If you have a volt meter try testing the battery if its 12v or less with ignition off then its not holding a charge. If you start the car with a voltmeter on it you should see it go from 12 to around 14 volts which proves your alternator is working...
  2. Jumper

    After 6 months lurking - finally got one

    If you have the NG4 as in the pictures posted in this thread below i.e the head unit with a 1-9 keyboard on the right hand side. I asked the dealer if he had any sat nav cables in stock and he brought out a box for me to look through and I found it marked up as off a 308. I have since seen the...
  3. Jumper

    Fan staying on after engine switched off etc.

    I replaced my rocker cover last April and in my haste forgot to replace the engine PCV breather pipe on the left side of the engine properly. Then when I took it for a test drive the fans came on straight away and on full bore while I was driving and 30 mins after I came home. Using an OBD...
  4. Jumper

    After 6 months lurking - finally got one

    There are two Sat Navs available the NG4 and RT6. I have the NG4 and found out that the video cable in the right hand side hinge breaks over time with constant open/close use. Because its the video feed it causes the screen to flicker when in use. So initially I took it all out and repaired the...
  5. Jumper

    Sat nav

    Have you tried pulling yellow fuse F8 out and pop it back in. Its located in the glove box and will reset the Sat/Nav/Radio.
  6. Jumper

    Tell me about RC-Z's

    Yeah, dont bother man looking for an RC-Z there is no such car in the real world. Its only in the gaming world have you got an Xbox or PS4? GTA is a mint game.
  7. Jumper

    Cost of sat nav updates

    My mate who has 308 with the same NG4 sat nav as mine bought the updates on ebay £30 Two CDs and two USB memory sticks. After he did his, he let me borrow the CDs and USB sticks to do mine. It worked great. I went from 2011 to 2017 new maps, new speed camera and traffic light camera alerts. Plus...
  8. Jumper

    Led indicator bulbs.

    I have the same ones flashing towards the front isnt a problem I actually think its better. I'm not really sure why people think its wrong when I look at the rear ones on other cars they flash in to out like these. What difference does it make? For £17 its great upgrade plus I had crappy clear...
  9. Jumper

    MAF sensor on a 156

    The reason I asked initially was because I fitted an ITG performance air filter and as part of the maintenance regime for the filter, you have to spray it with air filter oil. I was worried the oil may contaminate the MAF and throw up error.
  10. Jumper

    MAF sensor on a 156

    If you found the MAF sensor can you post a picture please
  11. Jumper

    MAF sensor on a 156

    Yeah odd isnt it no sensor between outside air source on intake none in the pipe work to air filter and none in airfliter to turbo pipe work. Ive had all the pipe work out on the throttle body side also from Intercooler to throttle body inlet side and the only sensor I could find was the Boost...
  12. Jumper

    MAF sensor on a 156

    I will answer my own question now if anyone wants to know. The 156 does not have a MAF sensor
  13. Jumper

    Headlight Bulb Conversion

    Retro fitted xenons are just a kit but as the oem lamp wasn't built to take them they are now an MOT failure in UK unless you change the lamps for xenon lamps. Then as above you need headlight washers. As for LED headlight bulbs I wouldnt bother after market tech doesnt seem to have caught up...
  14. Jumper

    Increase Performance on 1.6 156 engine ???

    Yeah pretty close I'm in Newton. I get my parts from GSF Auto Parts in Trafford Park they seem to have more RCZ parts in stock without the need to order them like at Euro's near mackies. I got my VVT solenoid, Timing chain tensioner and rocker cover gasket all from GSF.
  15. Jumper

    how to clear double bubble rear window

    I use this on all windows and it's fabulous : Angel Wax H2GO...
  16. Jumper

    Increase Performance on 1.6 156 engine ???

    Hi Rod. DC Mapping in Birchwood did my Saab turbo three years ago and they did a great job he added some nice little tweeks too that I sked for. I have a 156 GT and its faster than my old 93 and all have is quads and a Piper Cross fast flow filter. Hope you enjoy your 200 good luck. Dave.
  17. Jumper

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Well done Tom. You described this procedure very well indeed.👏
  18. Jumper

    RCZ VVT Oil Soleniod 0016 code

    I'm no expert but if you have a rattle on start up get the timing chain replaced. Whilst doing that they will change the Tensioner and ask them to change the VVT solenoid as well. I doubt the rattle will go after changing the VVT. Dont bother trying to clean the VVT if you do get it out. The...
  19. Jumper

    RCZ VVT Oil Soleniod 0016 code

    Are you using a size 27Torx bit? You need to use a 1/4 drive ratchet with a bar around 3 to 4 inches long. To stop your torx bit from falling off gaffer tape the bit to the bar ratchet and make sure its in the bolt with a camera before you start to turn it loose. I'm not saying its easy its not...
  20. Jumper

    RCZ VVT Oil Soleniod 0016 code

    Thanks Pedro. On my long weekends off for five days I have nothing else to do so I thought right, that thing is coming out come hell or high water ! A replacement is only £25 and it idels a lot better now. It begs the question..........I wonder how many people have had the HPFP replaced by a...