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    Air Intake Turbo Hose.

    It wasn't, poor finish and flexy coupling has no flex. Originally decided to stay with split unit but had to take it off to find the heater matrix bleed so put the Wish one on more as an experiment. Will let you know how I get on.
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    What's this for ?

    More to the point what does the SOS button do?
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    Headlight Bulb Conversion

    What's the deal with headlamp washers? I have disabled them on my Chrysler. Waste of washer water and doesn't make any difference!
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    GT steering wheel and short-shift box - on the diesel too?

    Thought that might be the case. Has anyone changed over their steering wheels?
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    Pairing an Iphone (and similar process for all phones)

    I have a NG4 with sat nav but every now and again it resets by turning off and then back on. It is only off for 10 secs or so but its annoying. Does anyone have any idea whether this is a firmware problem or loses connection. Also what is involved in a firm ware update?
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    GT steering wheel and short-shift box - on the diesel too?

    Has anyone tried the big and small steering wheel? What are they like in caparison to each other?
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    Recommended oil ?

    Ok. Whilst I am very impressed with an engine having a constant supply of clean oil I can't justify the cost. My Chrysler Voyager is 17 yrs old and has 185,000miles. I have changed the oil every year without fail and never done more than 12000 miles between oil changes. Does anyone have a...
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    Air Intake Turbo Pipe.

    Mine went in the same place. I got a spare from Wish for £30 but wouldn't recommend it. It was a bit crap. It also has a sensor on it which you can't swap over.
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    Recommended oil ?

    5-30 is £30 compared to £50 for 0-30. Sometimes I like to let my wallet help me choose when there's not much in it!!
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    Strange rattle/vibration at 2500-3000 rpm

    I have a similar rattle especially when I set of in morning and auto box takes a little longer to change up. I think it sounds like an exhaust baffle. Got underneath recently and all heat shields were firmly attached.
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    Headlight Bulb Conversion

    Can xenons be retro fitted? Did they make them for the MK1 as well as the MK2?
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    Middle led brake light

    I replaced all 21 LEDS with actual LEDs. Have a search around on this site to see my pictures and instructions. Took all weekend but now I can replace individual LEDs.
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    Front bumper removal mk1

    Hi, Removing the bumper is a chineese puzzle. You have to press the small square tabs from above but then ironically you are pushing them down into the path of another piece of plastic. I know this cos I got right up inside my bumper and had a look from underneath while I was having trouble...
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    Buying a used RCZ with automatic gearbox?

    Auto gearbox, Oil change done. I did the triple flush method using Triple QX ATF, available from Europarts £40 for 5 LTRs and recommended for Aisin autoboxes. I used 10 LTRs. (3, 3 then 4 ltrs) The tricky part comes at the end. Flushes are done with engine not-running and you will get about 2.7...
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    RCZ 1.6THP Timing Chain Replacement Peugeot MINI BMW

    That's good to hear, I'm tempted to change my tensioner anyway. Has anyone else done this.
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    RCZ 1.6THP Timing Chain Replacement Peugeot MINI BMW

    Well that's a win. How old is you Z? There can't be much warranty left on any of them!!
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    Another post about arches!

    I can't help wondering if UV light has a damaging effect on them. I have just bought a 2012 with pretty nice arches and intend to keep car out of the sun as much as possible. To protect the arches and the leather dashboard!!
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    RCZ 1.6THP Timing Chain Replacement Peugeot MINI BMW

    I loved that Mini timing chain video, such a nice guy. If you watch it to the end he has to do the whole job all over again as he does not tighten the crank pulley tight enough which goes right back to your point about finding someone who actually knows what they are doing!! Good luck - perhaps...
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    Centre Brake Light

    Parts & tools required: LEDs (with resistors) Ruesious 1 Pack (35 Bulbs) 5mm 12V DC White LED Pre-Wired Round Top Bulb Lamp For DIY Car Boat Toys Parties: Car & Motorbike Solder heatshrink (use mini blow torch to melt solder joint.)...
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    Centre Brake Light

    I cut it open with a Dremel. Worth putting masking tape on the lens to protect it.