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    New Owner.

    Hi Mike - :eusa-whistle: :eusa-whistle: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Snow Socks

    Just remember that snow socks work on snow, once you get onto tarmac again they don't last very long :wtf:
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    Not really an issue, the metal is fully protected with an E coat system so a little water is not going to do a great deal, it's a common problem due to our poor weather here in the UK, I get condensation on my 2 over winter and that's in the garage, mainly on the heavy cast suspension parts, but...
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    Now there's a surprise, think about it you have a great large lump of alloy / rubber sitting in a thin exposed steel wheel well who's temperature can varie as much as 10 deg C from garage to outside (if put in a garage) so condensation will be your problem, covering will help but once the cover...
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    Corroding Wheels And Oil Around Spark Plugs

    Hi There. I had identical issues with my car, the alloys were replaced but I never got to the bottom of the oil leak, I just remember it sprayed oil over the top cover, I think it was something to do with the breathing system, I would get it checked ASAP. Rob.
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    I got mine up to 130 mph in Germany, felt OK. Went around the ring took it to 115 mph again felt great, ran over an Audi and the car just was not the same, so I would suggest you need to get it checked :wave: :eusa-whistle: Rob.
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    Whats in my bag?

    That's one hell of a paint job there Marcus - I'd send it back :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    What?! Already...

    Well just seen this, I've recently had a very bad experience with a cat, not with my day to day car but my MR2, it was all locked away ready for it's MOT, spent the day prior doing the usual checks, put the car away ready for the next morning. Next morning came open the garage door to be greeted...
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    :wave: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    It's like anything new - people want to be different, what Danielll has failed to explain is why, looks don't really cut it for me, the only reason I would consider a change is performance, but before I would consider a disc change I would change the pads for something that is more track based -...
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    Well think about it, the 19" wheel is fitted to all models so that would tell you yes they would fit, the problem occurs when you look at the hub as they are different on the 200 thp, so it could be that the caliper may be in the wrong position. The only real way is to try and get hold of a set...
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    Strange question - why
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    Facelift in 2012...already???

    The website is here: His sig is PJork - he runs the site I think. Rob.
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    Two stage accelerator pedal?

    Old post I'm afraid my friend, but there is one interesting fact, in the Mini the difference between the Sat Nav / digital speedo and central speedo is 2 mph (it was 4 mph using the same Sat Nav in the RCZ) so looking at that it would suggest the Sat Nav is not that far off - at a steady speed...
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    Peugeot Sport launch RCZ racer

    Your link's not working Marcus
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    peugeot hq meet

    I must admit I thought there would be a better up take on this, it's a real shame to miss this type of offer, I for one would have gone if I still had my car, but some how I don't think they are going to let me in with the Mini - although they are made in the same plant - so technically they...
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    Oil change

    I paid £120 plus vat when I had it changed earlier in the year, but this was at 8500 miles, the biggest expense is the volume of oil something like 6 - 7 litres are required. Rob.
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    Facelift in 2012...already???

    Speak to Peter on the Dutch forum, he will tell you about the production numbers plus the revisions that will happen in 2012. Rob.
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    Interesting comment, but what you say is typical of any forum which as been running for a while, I've been on this forum since it started and in fact was a mod, normally when a forum is started a car is on the road, this was one of the first I've been on where I had not got the car along with...
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    Time to say goodbye

    You should let this thread drop down now or just lock it, what's been said is history, I've moved on and the only thing I would recommend, which can be summed up quiet nicely in the old saying "either have a crap or get off the pot" I'm not one for messing about when it comes to cars - hence it...