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  1. 2retro

    Active spoiler.

    Yes, press the button and it goes up and stays there until you put it down again with the button...
  2. 2retro

    Newbie looking for an R

    Fair enough if it's no numberplate, or plates in the wrong font, or bolts to make letters look like something else, etc. But right size/colour/font/etc but a space in the wrong place? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: As if highly sophisticated ANPR cameras can't read them because a space is in the...
  3. 2retro

    Newbie looking for an R

    I think the point is people get stabbed to death in broad daylight on our streets but the big issue is apparently some incorrectly spaced numberplates that literally nobody cares about... 🤷‍♂️
  4. 2retro

    Newbie looking for an R

    And if that's what our boys in blue spend their time doing it's no wonder the country is in the state it is!!
  5. 2retro

    Newbie looking for an R

    No it's not (R27 OUK) but you will probably get away with it for an indeterminate time if you only have it like that on the front as the plod are usually sat behind you...
  6. 2retro

    Maxtor spoiler extension

  7. 2retro

    Maxtor spoiler extension

    I've got one. It just sticks on. Solidly attached - it won't come off, don't worry!
  8. 2retro


    Hi, You can post some pics here but I think the Brownstone only came out in Germany so probably not. Take a look here and compare yours though: Fiche infos rcz Brownstone
  9. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    Engine light has gone away on its own as well today (7 trip logic must have cleared it) so WooHoo!
  10. 2retro

    Rear Diffuser RCZ R 2015

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Only the R and the GTLine definitely have that rear diffuser. Tricky to find any of these models being broken for spares on eBay, etc. as so few of them around so might have to stump up for a new one but it's going to be a ridiculous price if so, though.
  11. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    Update to this. Car also started missing, sounded like a lawn mower and drove like Reliant Robin. Replaced all 4 Coil Packs (of course! :rolleyes: ) and now everything is suddenly cured! Still a fault showing with the 'Headlight Washer Circuit' but I'll figure that out at some point. Car runs...
  12. 2retro

    2015 RCZ R For Sale 29K miles Moroccan Red £14.5K RCZ 622

    Because they've been sprayed all black instead of the original diamond cut silver with black highlights. They never came in all black.
  13. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    Thanks. Got some stuff to check then!
  14. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    Any idea where its located?
  15. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    Yeah, only something about Headlight Washer Circuit Fault. Tried clearing it but the fan still going crazy...
  16. 2retro

    Fan full speed from start-up... Help?

    I know this has been asked before but I can't find the post (or crucially the solution!). Basically, as the title says - the fan comes on full speed for no good reason as soon as the car starts and, annoyingly, carries on for a good 5 minutes after it's turned off. I've looked online but have...
  17. 2retro

    Rear spoiler

    It raises to Stage 1 at 55mph and Stage 2 at around 90mph (I know! lol) but you can't see Stage 1 from the drivers seat so you think it's not working.
  18. 2retro

    Windows automatic closing on locking?

    You would think it would be a no-brainer but it's not a feature available on the RCZ I'm afraid, sorry.
  19. 2retro

    19s ?

    Conti Sports were the original brand. Good tyres but I put Goodyear Eagle F1's on mine when they needed changing and they're better!
  20. 2retro

    Pushbutton key fob: Essential, or can you do without?

    I haven't locked/unlocked a car with an actual key in about 3 decades. I'm not bothered about going back to that way! :LOL: