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    Leather scuff master kit - which colour?

    I used LTT leather care, you can send them parts and they will colour match. I sent them a rear headrest.
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    This is an RCZ forum but I'm sure someone will know. I recall one of my previous cars had numerous oil grades recommended. One by Subaru, one by Toyota and the other by owners.
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    From LCD Display to WIP COM 3D

    The exchange will need VIN coding, so that will need taking in to account. Plus I'd imagine the wiring will be different.
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    RCZ NG4 replacement

    I don't know I never tried it before coding. Didn't cost anything, I had diagbox until very recently.
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    RCZ NG4 replacement

    Units need vin coding. The NG4 died in mine too, I fitted and coded one from a 5008.
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    Eml light problem

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    Eml light problem

    Bit vague. What are the symptoms? Do you know any codes?
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    Newbie looking for an R

    For Sale / Wanted / Group Buys | Peugeot RCZ Forum It's towards the bottom of the main page.
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    Newbie looking for an R

    If you're selling, post in the for sale section then link it here. It keeps things in the correct section and the forum tidy (y)
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    Newbie looking for an R

    Looks like Matador. Which are probably perfectly fine, but I personally wouldn't put them on something like an RCZ R.
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    What are these called as I need to get another

    That's the air doser I think.
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    Hi all

    Evening, welcome.
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    Headlights and LED conversion

    I think the reason they can give errors with the CANbus system is it is expecting a certain resistance within a circuit.
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    EGR Valve,the%20front%20of%20the%20engine. Do the pictures make any sense here? My...
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    Merry Xmas. We're not having family over this year. We're going to her Aunt's house, so I can drink her Uncle's whisky :D
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    Christmas wishes ,New Year

    Merry Christmas Les.
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    Xtrons Android head unit install

    I wouldn't be happy with that either.
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    What type of central locking does the RCZ use?

    I don't know, but I'll take a semi educated guess - The RCZ is a 308. So it probably has whatever central locking the 308 has.
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    Suspicious car....

    Here's one for sale in the UK