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    Tell me about RC-Z's

    You seem to have gotten confused and not said "that is bloody horrific" I've said it for you.
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    Engine management light drive drive.

    It's not my old one is it? I did it the wrong way round though, I paid for the problems to be fixed then punted it 🤣
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    Coolant Warning Light

    I had a level warning in mine a couple of times. I fitted a new level sensor, literally takes seconds. In fact from memory, my kettle took longer to boil than it took to fit the new sensor.
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    Hi there - and a question about updating diagnostics

    As Neil says, Peugeots are very picky about batteries. For example, one of my 407s decided to forget about the position of one of its windows. And my 406 had a memory lapse regarding its climate control. Both because of old/poor batteries.,
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    Rear spoiler and wing mirror update

    I've no idea, unless it's a cover for inner gubbins?
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    Rear spoiler and wing mirror update

    Have you tried a BSI reset? They seem to fix quite a wide range of Peugeotisms.
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    Side stripes

    Tried eBay? I've had some for my Toyota GT86, for about 1.5 years. Still in the box. They seemed too much of a faff to fit 😆
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    Hi there - and a question about updating diagnostics

    There are plenty of folk about with equipment. I have it, unfortunately I also have a dead laptop currently. have a "planet map" of people who also have the equipment. Maybe there is someone local who will have a look for you, I normally ask for a bottle or two of beer in...
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    Hi there - and a question about updating diagnostics

    I'll assume based on previous experience they're using equipment that can't interrogate the rather picky Peugeot/Citroen ECUs. The only equipment I'd ever recommend is a laptop and Diagbox/Peugeot Planet, exactly what a dealer would use. Superknock could well mean it needs a decoke. Not overly...
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    Hi there - and a question about updating diagnostics

    I'm not entirely sure what they mean? Unless to have it checked using dealer level equipment for anything they can't access?
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    Piping around audio unit and gearshift

    Yep that's not standard. Looks like that plastic push in stuff you can get from eBay/Alliexpress.
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    Piping around audio unit and gearshift

    I'll assume it's not factory. Unless Peugeot offered some weird options I missed. Unless you want something similar you should just be able to remove it. Well, hopefully the previous owner wasn't a plank and glued it on.
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    Dash cam earth

    Not 100% on this, but I'm sure used either the window control panel on the driver's side or the heated seats. For earth I used a metal dash bracket. Seemed to work fine.
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    Could be anything. Ideally get it checked for codes. Guessing is not really a good idea.
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    Egr valve

    I used it on my second 407 2.0 HDi and my 2.2 HDi 508.
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    Egr valve

    I never removed any of mine.. Too much like hard work.
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    Egr valve

    On my previous diesels I've cleaned them with oven cleaner. Works perfectly fine. Don't blame me if you kill anything though.
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    What exactly has gone wrong with it? The hard drives can fail. Though there is a way around this, and you can fit a flash card in to them. Unfortunately mine let the smoke out and had melted and charred wiring inside when I opened it.
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    That's an NG4, mine went tits up and I bought a replacement from a 5008 and swapped the faceplate. From memory it was around £300. Ignore the dick heads on ebay who think they're worth thousands of pounds. When you get one it'll need VIN coding, which unless you can do it yourself will be an...
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    Leather Repair

    When I had my RCZ, I sent away the rear headrest I think it was and had the correct colour mixed. I'm sure I used LTT.