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    Price check on alloy black wheels

    Thanks, I will get some better pictures when I get home and get them in the for sale section.
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    Price check on alloy black wheels

    I just had my set of 4 spare alloys refurbed and freshly powder coated gloss black with a view to selling them on to recover some of my recent spend. I dont want to go through a bidding war on ebay, so what would be a fair price to ask for them?
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    Side stripes

    Does anyone know where I can buy these side stripes from?
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    Shark Grey with black.

    Still a few bits to do in black once I figure how to remove the last bit of chrome front trim. May also do the wing mirror caps in gloss black,
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    Oil catch can

    Is it worth fitting one to the 156? If so which oil catch can do you recommend and can anyone tell me where and hot I fit one? Thanks.
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    Leather Repair

    The seats seem to be a very dark grey to me. Was there a shade of anthracite or or asphalt? They dont seem dark enough to be black?
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    Leather Repair

    I want to try and repair the drivers seat bolster. Can anyone please tell me what the leather colour code or name is. Its not a light grey like the other seats I keep seeing on the forum.
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    Alternative Peugeot Badge/Emblem?

    Thanks. 👍 I can’t seem to find any in a size thar could replace the front and rear badges.😫
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    Alternative Peugeot Badge/Emblem?

    That looks great. Thanks 👍 Where can I get them from?
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    Alternative Peugeot Badge/Emblem?

    I am sure I have seen an alternative Peugeot Emblem, if I remember correctly it may have been some sort of shield design. Can anyone tell me what’s available and tell me where to get them from? Thanks.👍
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    Timing Chain Top Guide Rail

    Thanks. I read that that the plastic is thin and could easily snap, so replace it every 20k miles.
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    Timing Chain Top Guide Rail

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy this part on line? Everywhere seems to be out of stock and I have been told that it is worth replacing this when doing an oil change
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    Front badge and surround

    How easy is it to remove rage bonnet badge and chrome surround? I plan on putting in a carbon wrap base and the plasti dipping the Peugeot lion and the chrome surround .
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    19" refurbished Chrome Sortiledge rims - exchange

    I bought these thinking that they were going to be shadow chrome, as it turns out they are bright chrome. I am after the same type of rim but in shadow chrome or gun metal, anyone willing to swap before I get them re-coated? They are immaculate and also come with chrome bolts and locking nuts.
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    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    If spraying, how difficult is it given that the arches are anodised aluminium?
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    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    Already been in touch with therm this morning and they want me to drop the car off so that they can redo them on the car. Not happy as it took them a day and a half when I dropped the arches off. This is what it looks like.
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    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    Just got mine wrapped and 12 hours latter its already started lifting at the edges.
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    Chrome gear knob

    I paid £83 for a new one.
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    Reasonable priced exhaust?

    I just had the quad Ulter sport on mine looks great, but no real change in the exhaust note. It was brand new and cost me £260 from eBay Off someone who had changed their mind about fitting it, balances out the rear end.👍
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    Wing Mirrors

    Can anyone tell me if the RCZ share the same wing mirrors as Any other car? I am looking to black gloss paint The caps and swap them if possible.