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    Ignition crank wire

    Hi guys, does anyone know which is the ignition crank wire on the ignition switch on the RCZ please? I don't want to just strip the wires trying them all. Thanks in advance. Trev.
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    Priming the fuel pump

    Perfect. Thanks mate.
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    Priming the fuel pump

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    Priming the fuel pump

    Hi guys, I think my car has run out of diesel and needs the pump priming. When I got it, it actually said 'Fuel too low' but it was still running until today. I actually went and put some diesel in it from a can this morning, then tried to start it and it wouldn't. It would fire but not keep...
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    Permanent live

    Hi guys, where can I find a permanent live on the car? I find it quite bizarre that so many things on the car will only work if the engine is running, unlike a lot of other cars. I assume the clock must have a permanent live, are there any other points. It seems a bit daft to me that the...
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    Engine Oil Used

    Hi guys, what spec of engine oil do you use in the 2.0 hdi please? And what brands do you use? Regards Trev.
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    Hi guys, is there a best practice for jacking the car up. I need 2 new tyres and my car is off the road at the moment so I want to just take the wheels off and get the tyres changed and not sure where to safely jack it up. Cheers Trev.
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    Wanted - Passenger Side mirror casing parts

    Hi guys, has anyone got any of the casing for the passenger side mirror please? In black would be great. I'm not particularly bothered about the top cover, but any of the rest would be great if you have them. Will buy individual bits. Cheers Trev.
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    Passenger Side Mirror Black or just parts wanted

    Yes, it's all the casing that has damage. Does the Citroen DS3 use the same casings?
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    RCZ Head Unit and Nav Screen

    Hi guys, I've got a standard head unit and NAV screen. The head unit works fine, the screen goes up and down properly and the screen comes on but the display is distorted so I assume it needs the cable repairing/replacing. £220 delivered in the uk for the lot. I think they need coding to the...
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    Wiring Diagrams

    Is this a secret? Or does no-one actually come on here? I did wonder if the wiring was basically the same as the Peugeot 308?
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    How to Remove/Replace Window

    I am having exactly the same problem at the moment, did you fix it mate?
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    Wiring diagram needed

    Seems like it's secret information, I need wiring diagrams for mine but I'm stuffed if I can find them anywhere.
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    Wiring Diagrams

    Does no-one know where I can get wiring diagrams. It seems like searching for the Loch Ness Monster.
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    Passenger Side Mirror Black or just parts wanted

    Hi guys, I'm after a passenger side mirror in black if anyone has one please. Or parts of it, as my mirror does actually work, it's the plastic bits that are a bit battered. Give me a shout if you can help please. Regards Trev.
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    Aircon controls

    Has anyone else had this issue, because it seems a bit bonkers. Basically my climate control unit wasn't lighting up, but when I put my scanner on it, it all lights up and shows no errors. As soon as I unplug the scanner it all just goes out again. I've bought another second hand unit and it...
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    Screen/Cable repair

    Hi guys, is there anyone on here that currently repairs the centre screens, I assume it's the cable that's damaged, I've got a distorted display. Regards Trev.
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    Hi mate, can I ask, are you still mending the screens/cables on the RCZ please. My car has got a...

    Hi mate, can I ask, are you still mending the screens/cables on the RCZ please. My car has got a distorted display, I guess it's the cable. If you are how much do you charge please. My screen is already out of the car so I can soon box it up and send it to you. Regards Trev.
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    Wiring Diagrams

    My car is a 2010 2.0 HDI by the way.
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    Wiring Diagrams

    Hi guys, has anyone got or got a link to wiring diagrams for the RCZ please. Basically my car is no longer running on the remote keys, its got a standard key, I actually bought a good remote locking set a while back so I think I might just fit that, so I wondered if anyone has wiring diagrams...