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  1. Ian J.

    Cherished Number plate for sale - RCZ656

    Don't rely on the DVLA to sort the paperwork out. I've been waiting for a plate to be put on retention for over 2 months , rang them today and they've no idea when it will be sorted CLUELESS
  2. Ian J.

    Cheep Towbar

    RcZ with a tow bar is better than no RCZ , good luck finding one
  3. Ian J.

    Whining noise

    Thanks for the suggestions Car drives like new so the occasional noise isn't going to bother me too much but will keep an eye on it
  4. Ian J.

    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    Yeh that's not great , hopefully they will sort it for you
  5. Ian J.

    New 200 GT owner, and some questions..

    Any improvements you can offer will be looked at with interest, these are great cars in the eyes of those of us who drive them but not exactly flawless in terms of reliability.
  6. Ian J.

    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    Yes they will have to fix it.
  7. Ian J.

    Whining noise

    Pedro looks like you were right Car is back from the garage having had the full timing chain kit replaced and the rattle (or tractor impersonation) has gone , engine now beautifully quiet , the whining noise however has not so clearly the noises weren't related. Only does it when the car starts...
  8. Ian J.

    RCZ GT 200 with questions

    Got to agree with DKZ I read Emmett 38 post in the newbie section and frankly hadn't got a clue what he was asking , although to be fair that might be more about my lack of knowledge which is pretty much limited to where to find the bonnet release lever .
  9. Ian J.

    Owned years ago.....found myself searching autotrader and ebay.....

    I would agree, from all accounts the diesel is better ,more reliable than the Petrol , If I can find a sub 20k 2015/2016 plate diesel one in 12 months I might be tempted.
  10. Ian J.

    Owned years ago.....found myself searching autotrader and ebay.....

    I've had some seriously good cars over the years including Jaguar XJs ,Jaguar XKR, Mercedes CLS, several E classes, etc etc but you know what, I'm currently on my 3rd RCZ and its nothing to do with the price of them, I just think they are great cars . OK they do have some Achilles heels, mines...
  11. Ian J.

    RCZ Newbie

    And mercury grey with black wheels 😂😂😂😂
  12. Ian J.

    RCZ Newbie

    Definitely agree, Pearl White is one of the top 10 colours Peugeot ever made the RCZ in. 😏
  13. Ian J.

    RCZ deficient for the first time in a long time

    Nice looking car the double twin pipes look really good
  14. Ian J.

    New around here

    Lets be honest you don't really need to slow down for corners in the RCZ so do you really need brakes front and back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  15. Ian J.

    Arches - Plasti dip or wrapped?

    Got to have mine done at some point and will probably go for a wrap
  16. Ian J.

    Oil sludge on engine when oil cap removed

    Peugeots fault this one. When I bought my first RCZ in 2011 the dealer made a big deal that service intervals were 2 years or 20000 miles.I guess they thought it would save me money. I thought at the time it was too long and I reckon some of the issues people get with these cars are a result of...
  17. Ian J.

    RCZ Newbie

    Second best colour 😂😂😂😂
  18. Ian J.

    RCZ Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure someone can help you out with some advice on the remap. There are some very knowledgeable guys on this forum unfortunate!y I'm not one of them . Other than opening the bonnet to check the oil and water that's about my lot .
  19. Ian J.

    Aluminium Arch keyed - advise

    looks good how much did it cost wouldn't mind getting mine done
  20. Ian J.

    Aluminium Arch keyed - advise

    I've had 3 RCZs and the arches have both gone a sort of mottled look on the 2 chrome ones, the other car had black arches so no issues. Wrapping is the best option.