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    Drop me a PM once you've finalised the headings and I'll go ahead and create the forum structure for you to then populate. :)
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    We could set up sub-forum sections for each of the above and then have topics inside them if that helps with the structure. With a main link at the top of the Peugeotpedia forum section that then takes you in.
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    I don’t visit the forum regularly but any issues or requests should be messaged to me which I then get forwarded to me by email. For various reasons I’m not inclined to set-up an area in the forum that precludes some users from taking part but not others. It runs the risk of alienating some...
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    Win £200 of detailing kit for Xmas!

    Vouchers are on the way, guys. Enjoy!
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    Win £200 of detailing kit for Xmas!

    As @DKZ5745 & @RCZash were the only two forum members to submit entries to the competition we've decided to make both of them winners and split the prize between them! Congratulations to you both and I hope you both enjoy some nice new detailing goodies from Slims. £100 of vouchers heading to...
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    I think you may have tried to post a photo but didnt?
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    Site stability

    Everything that was on the old forum should be on this one. What’s missing?
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    Win £200 of detailing kit for Xmas!

    Only ten days left to enter this and it looks like @RCZash is going to win by default!
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    Ceiling ring

    *sealing ring?
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    Site stability

    Guys, I'm aware that the site has been up and down like a yo-yo today and I've complained to the hosting company who are investigating. Our move to a new, dedicated server is almost complete and should be finished before the end of the week. This will eliminate these issues once and for all...
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    Welcome to the new forum!

    Just to update on the above, I've arranged for our hosting company to move us across to a dedicated server which will improve the stability of the forum. We've had 112 new users sign up to the site since Thursday last week and are averaging around 25-30 per day since the new site went live...
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    Newbie (Blondie )

    Very clean example, tastefully done 👌👌
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    Welcome to the new forum!

    Guys. The forum is up and down like a yo-yo at the moment as the server is struggling to cope with an influx of new traffic. I’m talking to our hosting provider right now to get our plan upgraded to a more power server to cope.
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    Welcome to the new forum!

    FEATURE UPDATE: It's now possible to register or login using your preferred social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft & Google) and if you like you can associate your existing account with any of those accounts by clicking on the "connected accounts" link in your User Profile menu...
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    New video review - just posted yesterday

    Interesting video giving a fresh review of the RCZ now that it's been around for a few years. Dunno if the car belongs to anyone on here?
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    Great post @RCZash Just to follow up on your camera issue. If you're using an SLR etc then those images are likely massive. The forum supports uploads of images of up to 5mb. Enough for most phone images but if you want post anything larger then they'd need to re-sized first. I'm looking at...
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    Find model from vin number

    Sometimes depending on the VIN decode you use online but none of them are great at model specifics.
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    Hi. Welcome to the forum!
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    Centre Brake Light

    Hi @Dennid and @DKZ5745 . I've found the thread and managed to fix the images. You can find it here: