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  1. Hatman

    Can anybody help...hdi2.0 map issues

    Alternative map
  2. Hatman

    Can anybody help...hdi2.0 map issues

    Collins at Probus are Pendle Agents
  3. Hatman

    Off the road...but could have been worse!

    Thought it is a 2.1 which is an odd size engine. Usually 500cc per cylinder is the norm.
  4. Hatman

    Another new RCZ owner

    Welcome; mine”s 2010 ex~demo fully loaded JBL Full Leather
  5. Hatman

    RCZ R loitered on FB for a while saying Hi

    There was an event at Pug HQ for all RCZ Owners if I remember correctly:
  6. Hatman

    Clutch thrust bearing noise

    @RCZIain ‘The mooing clutch’ cracked me up ok👍
  7. Hatman


    What about Cornwall Les & Co
  8. Hatman

    GT steering wheel and short-shift box - on the diesel too?

    My HDI GT is 10 x years old ex demo and the steering wheel seems to be something manufactured for a ship. Would be interested to know of an upgrade.
  9. Hatman

    Battery’s removals

    When doing BSI reset with drivers window down, mine was stuck down. Restart, put window up and hold for 8 seconds, put window down and hold again. Also. my rear spoiler was fully up. Operated manually a few times and all good.. Hope this helps.
  10. Hatman

    how reliable are rcz

    Had mine since 2010. Door mirrors replaced under warranty, now need new battery.
  11. Hatman

    How it's made RCZ R

    Heads up. Quest ch 37 6pm today.
  12. Hatman

    What do you do to keep your car cool in the summer?

    Is real leathe z more succeptable?
  13. Hatman

    What is your other drive?

    Caddy mostly, Sometimes:: A55 pick up, CA Van, CF2, HA Van/pick up... New~Classic
  14. Hatman

    West Yorkshire ... B004GU2Z9O This is it.
  15. Hatman

    West Yorkshire

    Dodo juice sn, get them wrapped to your taste, good luck & welcome abourd
  16. Hatman

    Photobucket Fix

    Came across this on another forum, handy for viewing old build threads. It's an extension for Chrome which makes the pictures viewable again. ... k?hl=en-US
  17. Hatman

    Side Lights

    The classic DRL are 21/5w staggered pole, same as brake/tail light baubs. 21w is activated as DRL, 5w when headlights are on.
  18. Hatman


    Welcome. Light blue is not an original colour, has it been wrapped/re-sprayed. Look forward to your pics.
  19. Hatman

    ECU remap update

    Autosol Solvo ... 0925147531 Not expensive and can be posted
  20. Hatman

    P0342 and P0341 error codes

    Use the top bolt n/s on radiator.