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  1. Verminator

    DS3 156HP Radiator fan issue

    Coolant sensors are prone to be the issue as I have had this with a red carbon that I had money down on and said its not a issue so I walked away from the sale
  2. Verminator


    Enjoy your road trip.... Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  3. Verminator

    Spoiler not going down

    Hope you get sorted here's one on eBay
  4. Verminator

    Fuse Location for Rear Tail Light

    I believe that it is like other peougeot model if one of the back lights is not working and the bulb is OK it's on the same in line circuit as the number plate bulbs and if on of the bulb blow the back light at that side stops working I know this as the 307cc is like this %100 so could be same...
  5. Verminator

    10,000 km 2011 RCZ

    Over here in the UK may be down to what we put on the roads in winter but over there in EU think things are different good low mileage RCZs are hard to find if the price is right go for it
  6. Verminator

    Belt replacement

    I have had mine done on a 2013 Hdi at 80k as was informed that the timing belt needs to be changed ten years or 100k which ever comes first.. So if it was mine would get it done ASAP..rather than waiting... Hope this helps you out
  7. Verminator

    New - Dont own yet

    I think that if you don't have the GT steering wheel which is smaller than the standard steering wheel might make the difference between the seating /driving position... Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  8. Verminator

    driver side window

    I have had the same problem with the wife's RCZ and it turns out it was down to the window regulator changed it and all OK after that
  9. Verminator

    ASK or FSK modulation key fob?

    Will do some research on it and if you do the same and I will let you know if I find out and if you do the same we will be on the same song sheet...
  10. Verminator

    ASK or FSK modulation key fob?

    I am not sure about that one someone may come along and let you know, but for the price would get one of each to try and then you can let others who like you are wanting to do the same as £200 plus is a lot of money for a replacement from a main dealer
  11. Verminator


    Hi there and welcome to the forum and nice RCZ you have got yourself there Drive safe and stay lucky 🍀 Les n Co
  12. Verminator

    ASK or FSK modulation key fob?

    Are you after making a spare key Fob? If not just put in the board from your old one
  13. Verminator

    ASK or FSK modulation key fob?

    If you are wanting to change the key Fob then you need the CE0523 and the blade IS HU83... Cheap to replace here's the link.. £2.79 21%OFF | jingyuqin CE0536 Modified Flip Remote Key Shell For Peugeot 307 408 308 for Citroen C-Triomphe C-Quatre C3 C4L C5
  14. Verminator

    Any plans for UK meets June - sept?

    Next meeting Scampton hall 18 th June
  15. Verminator

    WIP COM 3-D system restart every 30 minutes

    Doesn't have to be exchanged cable can be changed if you are confident to do it yourself
  16. Verminator

    WIP COM 3-D system restart every 30 minutes

    What year is your RCZ as it sounds like a soft ware issue
  17. Verminator

    Jacking up the RCZ query

    Kris there are some rubber pucks that you can use with Jacks that fit the jacking points here's the link £1.88 52%OFF | Universal Car Jack Rubber Pads Lift Jack Stand Pad Floor Slotted Car Jack Rubber Pad Frame Protector Adapter Jacking Tool Hope this helps...
  18. Verminator

    Wing mirror motor

    If you look back on previous posts there's a plastic part that goes and a replacement for the wing mirror is available
  19. Verminator

    HDi vs THP (200HP)

    Well it's all down to the individual but I would like to add the Hdi has a good bullet proof engine and as for milage both myself and the wife have the Hdi and she only covered 1200 miles from mot to mot as this is her weekend car. Keep the services up no matter of what mileage you do... No...
  20. Verminator


    Face lift are different totally different from mk1 if you look at photos of the two plain as the nose on your face lol 😂