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    How hard is it to take apart the center tunnel?

    Whay the manual says: There are more steps to disassemble the entire central body, but I think that with that you will have enough
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    powder coated rcz r wheel's

    On there is a lack of material it can be added with TIG welding, there are workshops that do it, even large bites.
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    Window stuck.

    I think you would have to remove the door panel and then clean the guides with a cloth and alcohol. Water does not dissolve sap. But better to have it done by a workshop, to remove the panel correctly you have to use a special tool to release the clips. Don't use WD40! it would be greased and...
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    Is a default to flip up/retractable screen conversion possible?

    I remember in this forum one who made the modification that you want, he changed the center console but his car did not have the cables to connect the navigation buttons and therefore they did not work. I don't remember if he managed to fix it.
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    Is a default to flip up/retractable screen conversion possible?

    It's not just the screen and the stereo, there are differences in the general wiring of the car, the little screen between the speedometer and revs is different, the center console has more buttons... In addition, you are trying to install equipment designed 13 years ago and that in electronics...
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    Crankshaft seal replacement

    Well, looking under the engine and seeing which side is more wet with oil, but if your mechanic friend says that it is a crankshaft seal, he surely have seen which side it is.
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    Crankshaft seal replacement

    It depends on which side of the crankshaft the leak is on. If it's on the timing chain side it's a much easier job than if it's on the transmission side.
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    Car won't start

    On mine, on cold start, the pump is only heard when the key is inserted, not when it is turned. But even if the pump is heard, the pressure before the high pressure pump does not increase to approx. 5 bar until the key is turned. This pressure can be checked in two ways: - With a suitable...
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    Jacking up the RCZ query

    If the weight is supported on both sides of the protrusion it will be fine, the structure is strong there. The problem comes when it's supported on the edge of the protrusion or an inappropriate or incorrectly placed scissor jack is used or with the car badly braked and it falls. The rubber...
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    Jacking up the RCZ query

    With the slot of the rubber disk of the jack just centered on each of the 4 protrusions that the car has below. Just they do in the workshops to raise the entire car. If the lifting jack does not have that disk, then you should get one as Verminator says
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    Air conditioning not working.

    Beware of quick repair shops that offer cheap A/C recharging. Last year I took my car to one of these places, they don't do a complete test, they recharged it and the A/C continued to cool poorly. Finally I took it to a specialized A/C workshop and they found a leak in the condenser They found...
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    Steering wheel vibration around 75mph

    The tire touches the ground in a slightly different area depending on whether it goes straight, turns, brakes or accelerates. Balancing machines have a cap that covers the wheel when it rotates. It may be that the out-of-roundness has gone unnoticed. And if you already had vibration with the...
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    Steering wheel vibration around 75mph

    Well, probably one of the tires has some deformity or has not been well mounted, well placed on the rim all around the edge. To avoid this, they usually put soapy water in the edge. Just because it's well balanced with weights doesn't mean it turns perfectly round
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    RCZ Engine oil leak from Exhaust manifold Stud 1st cylinder

    Well, it's better to disassemble the entire turbo and manifold and repair that leak. Turbos can be rebuilt, in many cases it is not necessary to change it for a new one. The fact that there is oil in the exhaust is dangerous, since that area reaches high temperatures and there is a risk of fire.
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    I changed the oil in January with Total Quartz 9000 5w40, now it has been 3000 km since then, before I had Total Ineo 5W30. Oil consumption has been greatly reduced, before it drank approx. 1 liter /3000 km, now less than half. And the most remarkable thing is that the engine makes less...
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    Has anyone ever repaired and resprayed their alloys themselves?

    Mine also have some small bite on the border and that cannot be fixed by grinding and painting, you have to add aluminum with welding. It is also necessary to verify that the rim rotates perfectly round, especially the inner ring, if it has hit potholes or curbs it may have been deformed, this...
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    Try disconnecting the battery, wait 1 minute and reconnect it. This once fixed the navigation that stopped working in my car. Leave a door open when you do it.
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    The RCZ on origin, never came out with a stereo with WiFi. What you have for sure was installed later, it is not original equipment.
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    Need Rims for my RCZ - any recommendations appreciated!

    The original optional Sortilege rims for RCZ for 235/40 19 tire
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    ecu lockout password help! engine computer unit password

    Possible Cause: Carbon buildup on intake valves which should also cause a rough idle. It would also be nice to check the compression of each cylinder.