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  1. Remco

    Peugeot RCZ workshop manual PDF

    Hi! Can i have a copy please? [email protected]. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
  2. Remco

    Remove license plate bulb holder

    Help! Does anyone knows how i get the bulb holder out? I get the side with the spring part out for about a centimeter but the other side seems stuck... I can wiggle the part a bit from left to right but thats it...
  3. Remco

    Living with a RACECHIP!

    Thanks for the reply! Thought the send the wrong thing :)
  4. Remco

    Living with a RACECHIP!

    Hi! Is it correct that the user manual speaks about connections A, B and C while the wiringloom only has A and B?
  5. Remco


    Hi! I'm Remco and i live in Holland. I bought my RCZ last saturday and i absolutely love it!