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  1. tm2204

    JBL speakers?

    If I am not mistaken if you have a JBL setup there will be a JBL badge on the speakers. Mine does not unfortunately :( but I'm happy with the volume levels & quality I get from the stock speakers :)
  2. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Ok, in speaking to the supplier I have finally determined this is indeed the correct part. Part ordered :)👍 I will make a complete 'How To' step by step guide when I attempt this repair and upload to the forum... hopefully helping anybody else needing to do this repair which appears to be a...
  3. tm2204

    Clips for Roof Arches

    Any reason why you don't just mask off and paint/spray in situ? :)
  4. tm2204

    RCZ Engine Troubleshooting

    The high pressure fuel pump is in the engine bay, the low pressure fuel pump is in the fuel tank. There are 2 fuel pumps. Your problem is the high pressure fuel pump which is located right side of the engine towards the bulkhead (back) 👍
  5. tm2204

    Heater Matrix Flush

    Noticed my cabin doesn't get particularly hot even with the aircon set to Max & on full blast. Tried a few different blower positions but nothing blows out the kind of hot air I'm used to :) Not currently a problem with this weather and I've read up and seen many have replaced the heater...
  6. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Anbody know does the 1.6 THP (156) have a stock K03 turbo? 👍🏼
  7. tm2204

    Engine Fault - Repair Needed

    This sounds like a faulty coolant/thermostat sensor. This is located on the thermostat housing and is an easy fix with the replacement part not expensive 👍
  8. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Love Eric The Car Guy.... been watching him for years 😁
  9. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    After having another look at the listings I see now the second pipe you listed has one elbow & one straight through connection whereas the first listing has two elbow connections so they are different 🙁 I'll check with the eBay seller. Knowing my luck it's the more expensive one I'll need 😤
  10. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    That part looks the same except it has some of the fittings already installed just leaving the banjo's to connect up.. I'm happy with the other listing you posted as it correctly specifies my engine type. Having said that I will check my reg/VIN with he eBay seller 👍 I'll post a thread...
  11. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Just had another look and the eBay listing states it's for an EP6CDT engine, which is my engine, so looks like this is the part alright 😁 eBay can be very hit & miss often incorrectly tagging correct parts for my RCZ 😤
  12. tm2204

    Squeaky suspension or shock absorbers

    Silicon spray is an excellent lubricant, especially on rubber. If you smoother one bushing or suspension part or shock mount at a time you'll quickly find out which one is giving the problem and you can look to sort it out or replace 👍 Go forth Clouseau 😂 😂
  13. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Thanks for that 👍 You sure this is the correct part? It's telling me on eBay it's not a match but that's nothing new 😂 Would I get it done with the car on car ramps or is a car lift 100% needed (do you know)? Cheers 👍
  14. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Cheers for the reply Pedro. Suspected it might be a replacement pipe rather than a simple tightening of a bolt/nut 🙁 Any idea of the part number I should be looking to order? With servicebox no longer available to me it's a bugger trying to source part numbers for 'non-standard' parts 😬 Also...
  15. tm2204

    New RCZ Owner From Ireland

    I'm a carer and have to travel to the person I care for... hence the motorway miles ;) 👍
  16. tm2204

    New RCZ Owner From Ireland

    39.3 MPG from my first full tank of petrol 😁 Fair bit of motorway driving but some mixed and short drives from cold too... I assume that's OK for the THP 156? 👍
  17. tm2204

    Slight Turbo Oil Leak

    Noticed a small oil leak around one of the Turbo pipes earlier.. 1.6 THP (156) Above is the location of the pipe & weepy leak. Close up of the pipe, fitting and the leak. It's not dripping any oil just a small weepy leak at this point. Any ideas or suggestions? 👍
  18. tm2204

    Reky_Fr (fr) gallery and changes list (27 Jan updated)

    Ahhh OK... where did you get the spare electronics to use? 👍
  19. tm2204

    Light and Shade

    I approve 😃 (It's very like mine)
  20. tm2204

    Thank you

    Welcome to a great & very helpful forum 😃