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  1. neilgsxr69

    Forge intercooler question for RCZ-R

    If your on Facebook try contacting Raynald Mafflard on the RCZ UK Facebook group he has had a intercooler developed and manufactured for the R
  2. neilgsxr69

    Blown head gasket or oil cooler gasket?

    Probably valve stem oil seals
  3. neilgsxr69

    Slight juddering when accelerating quickly 156 BHP

    Spot on mate 👍🏻
  4. neilgsxr69

    Any you guys running 245…instead of the 235?..

    Post us some photos and let’s see how she sits
  5. neilgsxr69

    Rear Spoiler Issue.

    The seat switches are common to failure the connections either come loose or break off you can re solder them back. I know you’ve got power to the switch for the spoiler but have you checked the maxi fuse for the spoiler?
  6. neilgsxr69

    Car wash question...

    There are new style ceramic sealants and shampoos available for the Matt paintworks and wraps
  7. neilgsxr69

    Greetings from Carrickfergus.

    Hi and welcome your car looks stunning 👌🏻
  8. neilgsxr69

    Scored/scratched inner door handles.

    Nice job they look good
  9. neilgsxr69

    Any you guys running 245…instead of the 235?..

    I’ve heard of owners using the 245’s weather they save the rims is another story, some tyres have bigger rim protectors than others when I bought my car it came with Acceleras on they had a massive protector built into the tyre and they had taken a beating from the previous owner without marking...
  10. neilgsxr69

    Battered but beautiful.

    Does sound a good buy, there’s no wonder why insurers write cars off when a small DRL costs £400!
  11. neilgsxr69

    Hi from Rijeka Croatia. Buying 2015 RCZ.

    Hi and welcome to the forum looks like you’ve found a gem with such low mileage, not sure being stood for long periods of time is good for any car but if it’s been cherished it should be fine enjoy
  12. neilgsxr69


    Really whatever your happy with but if you post some photos member’s can give you they’re opinions
  13. neilgsxr69

    Dimensions of arches

    This is an old thread
  14. neilgsxr69

    Enthusiasts HDI come back onto the market

    One of the best known cars from the RCZ Owners group and RCZ UK group has come back into the market, It’s just been listed on fb marketplace. Having seen this car in person and knowing the previous owner it’s one of the cleanest MK1 HDI’s about and anyone looking for a genuine car won’t go too...
  15. neilgsxr69

    Rcz road tax

    The R is better on fuel than the other petrols so must have lower emissions hence cheaper tax
  16. neilgsxr69

    RCZ side lights on when car is off help

    That’s not good looks like a rodents been at that call for the Verminator!
  17. neilgsxr69

    Scored/scratched inner door handles.

    You will just have to sand it smooth
  18. neilgsxr69

    Timing chain

    And that it’s kept clean do frequent oil and filter changes to keep your THP sweet
  19. neilgsxr69

    Selling Peugeot rcz

    Just for future reference guys you can private message and have private conversations via the forum as it’s best not to give your personal details out on social media