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  1. neilgsxr69


    We could be doing at least four of these next year, can’t wait! 😊
  2. neilgsxr69

    New guy needs help

    I’m tipping your car has had a front end bump? If so did the bonnet pyros go off? If so you have to replace the bonnet brackets too.
  3. neilgsxr69

    Chug chug chug my way home

    Hi, yes I’m afraid your going to have to bite the bullet and replace the HP fuel pump, you can get them replaced for around £500 now and a specialist repairer even cheaper.
  4. neilgsxr69

    Hi folks

    Hi and welcome, you can search the forum for the common issues, diesel is definitely more reliable than the petrol but service history and condition is top of the list one very common issue is jacking points that are made of cheese and fold flat at the sight of a large trolley jack! They can be...
  5. neilgsxr69

    Finally, an introduction.

    Hi and welcome Mark, great looking cars there, nice alloys on the rcz 👍
  6. neilgsxr69

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    I’ve sent you a message
  7. neilgsxr69

    rcz misfire at idle only

    Just had a thought, a couple of years an owner posted a problem that no one could sort and they threw loads of parts and labour at it and the owner ended up sorting it himself and the problem was in the fuel tank where there is a low pressure pump and a filter and this filter was full of crap...
  8. neilgsxr69

    Hi guys, newbie here

    Hi and welcome 👍 go on let’s see some photos then! 😊 and yes I mean your car🤣
  9. neilgsxr69

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    if You want to use a reputable dealer go to peter Ambrose at castleford been Peugeot dealers for years and come highly regarded by Peugeot UK, I let them do my timing chain kit and they charged me a lot less than other main dealers have been charging. My offer still stands of trying my spare...
  10. neilgsxr69

    rcz misfire at idle only

    Yeh possibly injector but at that mileage probably could do with some injector cleaner running through it I would try that before swapping parts, hp fuel pump usually throws up misfire on cylinder 4.
  11. neilgsxr69

    Oil cooler issue

    That’s a blow but you know it’s money well spent 👍
  12. neilgsxr69

    rcz misfire at idle only

    MK1 16K miles 🤔 have you any service history with the car? Just wondering if the timing chain has been changed? Because it will need doing and could be the issue but maybe it’s just down to the low mileage and may need a good blast
  13. neilgsxr69

    Battery charge unit

    I think this is what your looking for
  14. neilgsxr69

    Why has my boot lid started opening when I open the door?

    Could be that the boot switch is stuck in or worse could be water in the switch itself if so owners have removed the switch and dried it out with good results
  15. neilgsxr69

    Events 2019

    Now I’m jealous, I’d love to do the Team du sud and the Fan club France meet but just can’t have the time off work :(
  16. neilgsxr69

    Time to say hello

    Couldn’t resist a B&W shot
  17. neilgsxr69

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    Noticed your from Wakefield, if you trace it to the battery module that I photographed I have one as a spare if you wanted to try it I’m over in Pontefract
  18. neilgsxr69

    lightweight crank pulley

    Have seen this upgrade but don’t know anyone who’s tried it, the guys at Pug1off do know their stuff and are constantly redesigning and improving parts for Peugeot’s.
  19. neilgsxr69

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    There have been a few reports lately from owners who have had this issue which has totally immobilised the car and it has been this power control unit that has failed and only a Peugeot dealer part and quite costly. But hopefully you will only need the bsi reset.
  20. neilgsxr69

    Dead battery

    There are a couple of YouTube videos, looks complicated but it’s easy 20mins tops