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  1. stewartwillsher

    RCZ - Things I'll Never Tire Of

    Except the pensioners bit, which I take exception to! :(
  2. stewartwillsher

    New look for Grey Lady

    SNAP!!! Classy twins.
  3. stewartwillsher

    Time to say hello

    Ex-Essex boy here in Wild West Spain; welcome!!
  4. stewartwillsher

    hens' teeth

    He can't bear to watch as the thunderbolt hits the plonker with the Juke.
  5. stewartwillsher

    Finally high def images

    Fwoah! Every leaf, frond and twig, topiary at its finest!
  6. stewartwillsher

    Most powerful RCZ ever

    "shackles" ??? Into BDSM, eh? Or just a bit of incarceration?
  7. stewartwillsher

    Most powerful RCZ ever

    I think the term "chancer" fits. Sorry, I pass! :thumbdown:
  8. stewartwillsher

    Anodised alloy speedo/rev counter rings

    I'd snap them up in black; LGN is very BLACK! 8-)
  9. stewartwillsher

    Hiding in corners

    Next to the shrubbery, I see! :roll: Say no more, nudge, nudge! ;)
  10. stewartwillsher

    Check out my rear! ;)

    Nice a***/b**/posterior; very tasty. :clap: Tell me about those number plates.
  11. stewartwillsher

    bureaucratic failure

    LGN just had a full service and an ITV (MoT) inspection. It FAILED the ITV. "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Well sir, [all in Spanish of course] it is a bureaucratic problem with the papers." "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Don't panic sir; do you use the tow bar?" "No, it just happened to be on the car, as...
  12. stewartwillsher

    Grey RCZ R

    Bit fishy, that, eh? :lol:
  13. stewartwillsher

    Recognise this roofline?

    Certainly, Zagato designs dominate. Here is an article showing loads, including our very own RCZ.
  14. stewartwillsher

    Car pulls left (not alignment issue)

    As a seventeen year old pauper I bought a recut tyre for my 1938 ford ten. My father went spare and bought me a retread. If that was good enough for an old banger it's good enough for an RCZ, eh?
  15. stewartwillsher

    Driver seat movement

    gaviscon forte
  16. stewartwillsher

    Car pulls left (not alignment issue)

    I would be worried about the effect on braking using that method
  17. stewartwillsher

    Car pulls left (not alignment issue)

    google is your friend - ... 9491489304
  18. stewartwillsher

    Austria 2019 RCZ Meeting

    Har, har! :lol: No; far too well equipped. :eusa-whistle:
  19. stewartwillsher

    Austria 2019 RCZ Meeting

    Super photo's; thanks. :clap: A little bit of "weather" adds a bit of character to the scene; as long as visibility ain't compromised too much! :roll: