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  1. DKZ5745

    Immobiliser locked me out?

    The immobiliser is electronic, it wouldn’t stop your key turning all the way, the engine would turn over, but not start. As Richard said, have you tried rocking the steering wheel left and right as you try to turn the key. It might take a bit of force, but it should release and allow the key to...
  2. DKZ5745

    Drone Pilots

    Just a heads up for all you drone pilots out there. From 30.11.19 it was illegal to fly any drone over 250g in the UK until you have registered as a drone operator & paid a £9 fee. You also have to take and pass an online test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. If you pass, you...
  3. DKZ5745

    Black with Silver Arches. Wakefield.

    Spotted a black with silver arches in Trinity Walk car park Wakefield. Reg. began RCZ.
  4. DKZ5745

    63 plate GT200 with Sat Nav

    Wow, just found this thread. This was my first ever post. That could be a thing. Try to find your first ever post & add something to the bottom of the thread so it flags up for us all to read 👍
  5. DKZ5745

    LED replacement bulbs

    Just found this thread, one of my first ever posts. Seems such a long time ago. I even got the head type unit wrong.
  6. DKZ5745

    RCZ Door Regulator

    There is always the chance that it could be the same problem you had with your Audi of course 🤔 But I haven’t seen that particular fault reported on the forum.
  7. DKZ5745

    Moroccan Red

    The best colour of course 😃
  8. DKZ5745

    Clock on car dashboard

    Depending on the type of head unit you have (mine is the RT 6) you need to go the the setup button.
  9. DKZ5745

    Child’s seat?

    🤣 Ello Ello 🤪
  10. DKZ5745


    You would not regret getting an RCZ. Only one condition.... make sure you put some photos on here one you get yours 👍
  11. DKZ5745

    RCZ Door Regulator

    A similar fault has been reported on here that turned out to be water ingress in the boot lock. This has been known to throw up all kinds of weird & wonderful electrical faults. A failing battery has also caused seemingly random issues.
  12. DKZ5745

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    I’m sure if you took your car in to Evans Halshaw with a puncture they would do a diagnostic on it & charge you £75 to tell you that one of your tyres was flat😱
  13. DKZ5745

    Hi folks

    Hi, welcome 👋 good luck in your search, just remember that every RCZ is a fantastic looking thing, even the ones with a few issues, so don’t be persuaded to buy the first one you see, as they will all have massive kerb appeal. As for the jacking points, once you have your beautiful Z, avoid...
  14. DKZ5745

    Finally, an introduction.

    Welcome 👋 that’s a very nice pair you have there 👍 (the last time I said that to anyone it took my solicitor hours to get them to drop the charges 🤔).
  15. DKZ5745

    Chug chug chug my way home

    A fault code indicating coil 4 is also an indication that the hpfp (high pressure fuel pump) is failing. Sadly this is not an uncommon fault, and here in the UK usually costs in the region of £800 to replace. couple this with your P0087 fault code (High pressure fuel pump- system pressure too...
  16. DKZ5745

    Battery charge or electrical supply faulty

    I can’t actually believe I’m saying this, but, you could always try a main dealer 😱 problem is, yours is Evans Halshaw Wakefield, who I have had many happy (actually unhappy) dealings with. And I happen to know they want £75 just to look at your car (no really, I think they would charge you if...
  17. DKZ5745

    Hi guys, newbie here

    Congrats on your new(ish) ride 👍 you’ve come to the right place to delv into the inner workings of your Z. You can always, well usually, or maybe sometimes find out what you need to know, and it’s a great place to chat with like-minded Z enthusiasts. a few on here have had at least 3 RCZ’s so...
  18. DKZ5745

    Fuel smell

    Great news, Result !!!! & thanks for posting the solution it might help others on here in the future.👍
  19. DKZ5745

    New car RCZ

    I got my name down 3 years ago & I’m number 648 on the list 🤔
  20. DKZ5745

    Why has my boot lid started opening when I open the door?

    Or press and hold middle button on remote 👍