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  1. RCZ-R

    How to treat your RCZ when it's hot outside

    Hi RCZ fellows! As we all go through another scorching hot summer (I see almost daily 38-40°C over here in ze Germany) I want to take this opportunity to list few important things which might help your beloved RCZs. 1. When hot, try to keep the fuel level up to maximum. Brim her up. As fuel...
  2. RCZ-R

    Air conditioning recharge - how much of R134a?

    hi guys, Does anybody know or has access to Peugeot's technical data on how much of the AC in our RCZs (I assume all RCZs have the same aircon system) is to be recharged? Like a filling chart? All I was able to find was a reference to the 308 filling chart and following numbers: 450g of R134a...
  3. RCZ-R

    Michelin PS4 vs PS4s on the RCZ R - review

    Hi guys, Let me get this off my chest upfront: I’m going to stick with the Michelin PS4s. For me there is no better allround tyre for the RCZ R on the market right now. And calling this great tyre an “allrounder” is an insult and understatement. Back to the topic. I had an unique chance to...
  4. RCZ-R

    Moving from the RCZ R towards 308 GTi?

    Hi guys, Time is running and my R is in its 4th year of chasing diesels on the autobahns. And goats in the Alps. And many other things like teaching all of our kids in the family how to drive a car. This year is going to be a change in my daily driver garage. I had many options on my mind...
  5. RCZ-R

    How to guess a failing fuel pump on the RCZ - hints

    Hi guys! After I went through the struggle of a failing high pressure fuel pump on my RCZ I might give you some hints on how to anticipate a failing (but not yet failed) fuel pump. There is a simple test each of you can do: - Start the engine and warm it up. It doesn't matter if you do that...
  6. RCZ-R

    RCZ R - speed limiter removed

    hi guys, As promised before I went to a company to remove the 155mph limiter on my RCZ R. I always considered this limiter as useless and stupid (why limiting at 155? why not 140 or 151? why even limiting?). But most of all I always wanted to know how fast can the RCZ R go when unleashed. Now...
  7. RCZ-R

    RCZ R dyno result - with over 50.000 on the clock

    hi guys, Finally I found a quiet Saturday to visit a respected car tuning company in my area. Among others they of course do dyno runs on a rolling road. I trust them as the results they always deliver are "realistic". I already put few cars on their rolling road and they never disappointed or...
  8. RCZ-R

    +125.000 miles with the RCZ R (my story)

    hi guys, I'd like to start here and continue, as the time goes by, my review of the RCZ R I drive on almost daily basis. I start here with the first 30.000 miles she did since last year when I picked her up at the dealer. Spanking new (4 miles on the ODO). Please be patient with me and cut me...
  9. RCZ-R

    Pipercross on the RCZ-R

    hi there, Finally I've installed the pipercross air filter on my R. Installation process has already been described on the forum so let's leave that out. Feedback? Sure. Sound did not change a lot. You need to tune in to hear any difference compared to the stock filter. I mean, the R plays...
  10. RCZ-R

    Someone using Scangauge device on their RCZ?

    hi guys, does someone happen to use the Scangauge device on their RCZ? I mean this one: I'm especially looking for some hidden Xgauge codes you can program into that device. I've been doing it on my previous cars and often you get some...
  11. RCZ-R

    Finally... got my RCZ R

    hi guys, finally, after over 7 month of pregnancy I got the keys to my red RCZ R today. Just picked her up and did the first drive (about 10 miles only). Right now I'm busy with appointments but afternoon I will give her good spanking on some B roads. First impression? I got her sideways in...
  12. RCZ-R

    First power up for the RCZ R?

    hi guys, take a look here: ... =1&theater This company pushed the RCZ R power another 10 bhp towards 300. Also torque has been bumped up. Nice!
  13. RCZ-R

    RCZ R acceleration video (0-155mph)

    Hi guys, There is a new video on the RCZ R's acceleration capabilities available. A lift off from 0 up to 155mph. Take a look (action starts at 0:20sec) cheers
  14. RCZ-R

    RCZ R vs Cayman PDK (race track review)

    Hi, a german motor magazine put the RCZ R against the Porsch Cayman PDK on a race track. The porsch was equipped with PASM and the LSD beside the PDK gearbox. Full disclosure: the RCZ R wins! One might say, so what? But considering the fact a porsch is treated like a holy cow in Germany, they...
  15. RCZ-R

    newbie here... with RCZ R

    hi guys, I'd like to introduce myself to this community. Currently I live in zee Germany and I'm new to Peugeot cars. The brand is well know to me as since I was a kid I always wanted to drive a 205 Turbo 16 :) and few others like the 405 MI16. Or just a good 'ol 505. OK, back to topic. I've...