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  1. neilgsxr69


    Yes now there’s a thing🤔 the 200 has the updated Prince engine and I read somewhere only a little while ago that the 200 wasn’t released till 2012 so that was obviously wrong 🙄 I’m sure you’ll not regret a remap I’m over in West Yorkshire so cant recommend anyone near you but I would go for a...
  2. neilgsxr69

    5th & Last European RCZ Meeting - postponed to 2021 !!!

    Totally understandable due to the circumstances, it’s a big blow but the fight against this Virus takes priority, once won we will all meet again next year bigger and stronger as the European RCZ owners come together in solidarity looking forward to 2021👍 Take care and stay safe out there best...
  3. neilgsxr69

    Error code 0015

    I wondered if the slightly thinner oil would possibly help the tensioner and cold start ups?
  4. neilgsxr69

    Error code 0015

    My dealer who is highly regarded by Peugeot UK have told me Peugeot now recommend the Total ineo First 0w-30 as the service oil to use in the THP even in the UK.
  5. neilgsxr69

    Numerous engine codes

    I think that the common issue of the valve cover leaking is exactly as you said once it’s been removed it’s never replaced properly mine started leaking after a timing China replacement, and I’ve had a new seal done by Peugeot but that is also leaking! I’ve noticed that the cover on the wife’s...
  6. neilgsxr69

    Just got a 200bhp

    Hi and welcome car looks great, I know such a beautiful car screams for the bodywork to be mint but this can be sorted in time, enjoy 👍
  7. neilgsxr69

    No compression in one cylinder

    This is only the second time I’ve seen this problem posted, obviously you’ve read the post above, but what I’m wondering is if the lack of compression is down to gummed up intake valves not seating correctly, I’m no master technician so don’t quote me on that. Obviously the cars been running...
  8. neilgsxr69

    TCZ THP200 - fault code P1339

    Thanks for posting that very useful for members when this fault code appears 👍
  9. neilgsxr69

    Buying a RCZ Hi guys , I was looking to buy a 2015 1.6 petrol 200HP

    Some have reported major head problems but rare thankfully, carbon build up on inlet valves can be an issue on any direct injection engine but I wouldn’t say it’s a common issue. Some updated parts were fitted to mk2 cars but some problems still persist.
  10. neilgsxr69

    RCZ R

    There are many differences in all 3 engines the R having a forged engine block and forged pistons to cope with the higher power.
  11. neilgsxr69

    Mirrors not folding

    Have you tried to fold them via the driver’s switch?
  12. neilgsxr69

    Battery’s removals

    I replaced my battery a couple of weeks ago took about 20mins top.just a couple of tips the air intake defuser just in clips from the inner wing once the jubilee clip has been removed on the pipe. And once the positive terminal is in lipped you can move it to the right without disconnecting...
  13. neilgsxr69

    CANCELLED !!!!! RCZ 10 Year Celebration Day UK - 12 July 2020

    Hopefully the French 10th anniversary meet in September will still go ahead 🤞🤞
  14. neilgsxr69

    CANCELLED !!!!! RCZ 10 Year Celebration Day UK - 12 July 2020

    Hope your son recovers fully as the vast majority do best wishes to you all 🤞
  15. neilgsxr69

    CANCELLED !!!!! RCZ 10 Year Celebration Day UK - 12 July 2020

    Devastated! This was going to be epic looks like this years events are going to get scuppered😢 hope this can be arranged at a later date when everything blows over. Stay safe everyone 👍
  16. neilgsxr69

    Wanted RCZ R

    There’s one for sale on the Facebook owners site he said he’ll let an enthusiast have it for 8K looks really nice but I reckon it’s probably gone now.
  17. neilgsxr69

    Humming or hunting?

    it’s a known weak spot on the rcz.
  18. neilgsxr69

    Drivers door Mirrow

    Not sure about the door card but beneath the mirror indicator there is a large hex cap screw that’s holds a alloy bracket in place.
  19. neilgsxr69

    Coolant Thermostat Housing

    Its not too bad a job there are a few videos on YouTube for the mini equivalent a bit fiddly and there is a pipe that runs at the back of the engine that if dislodged is a pig to get back in.
  20. neilgsxr69


    Very nice 👍