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  1. DKZ5745

    TCZ THP200 - fault code P1339

    I had a coil pack go just before Christmas, I had all 4 replaced, and all 4 plugs done at the same time.
  2. DKZ5745

    Battery’s removals

    It is worth noting that it’s almost impossible to see the spoiler from the drivers seat of it is raised to its low position. Many owners have queried whether there’s was working or not - myself included when I first got my Z almost 7 years ago. If you are unsure, 1. Drive passed a friend at 55...
  3. DKZ5745

    Battery’s removals

    Yes, the button next to the gearstick has an amber light in it. If it is lit, the spoiler is in manual mode, and will remain raised. If you press the button and the light goes out, it is then in automatic mode, and will raise to its low position at @ 55 mph, and retract at @ 35mph. It will...
  4. DKZ5745

    CANCELLED !!!!! RCZ 10 Year Celebration Day UK - 12 July 2020

    Very sad, especially for Kerry and the other organisers who have put so much effort into arranging this, and the other meets planned for 2020. Health always comes first, but nevertheless, this is turning out to be a memorable year for all the wrong reasons. I have just found out my son who...
  5. DKZ5745

    Headlight Bulb Conversion

    I have to admit, my directional Xenons are one of my favourite features of my Z.
  6. DKZ5745

    Humming or hunting?

    I had a coil pack go just before Christmas. I had all 4 replaced along with all 4 plugs. Mine had done @ 47k
  7. DKZ5745

    What is your other drive?

    I’ve just bought this...
  8. DKZ5745

    TPMS fault stuck on

    Hi Stewart, seemingly random unconnected failures can be attributed to a failing battery, or even down to water ingress into the boot lock, but that’s probably not your case in sunny Spain Unless you’ve been overdoing it with the jet wash. Worth checking out before replacing everything that...
  9. DKZ5745

    Locking wheel nut key

    I had the same issue @ 6 years ago just after I bought my Z. I took it to a dealers & they drilled the locking bolt(s) out for me. I can’t remember if they charged me or not, but they did charge me for a new set of locking bolts £40. I thought straight after buying them I wished I had just had...
  10. DKZ5745

    Flat tyre and no tyre pressure warning on dash?

    My car is 2013 also, it has tpms fitted, but it does have the vision pack.
  11. DKZ5745

    Flat tyre and no tyre pressure warning on dash?

    From 1st November 2014 all new cars had to have tpms fitted as standard. So if your car was manufactured after this date it has it fitted. before this date, it was an option.
  12. DKZ5745


    Check on the forum for recommendations for trustworthy garages near you that can remap your car as you require. There have been recent threads/posts regarding this subject.
  13. DKZ5745

    10 yr Celebration Peugeot Museum Sochaux France.

    😷have a safe trip everyone😷
  14. DKZ5745

    RcZ electric woes - mirror and interior fan

    Also, water ingress into the boot lock has been known to throw up all kinds of weird electrical issues, might be worth checking that out before staring to replace things.
  15. DKZ5745

    White RCZ in a music video in Serbia

    I thought the only thing spoiling the video was the guy dancing round in front of that beautiful car, oh, & that it kept cutting to a woman in a bedroom. 🤔😁
  16. DKZ5745

    Peugeot enlist new Technicians

    There is one thing though, at least you know your car is going to get plenty of attention.....
  17. DKZ5745

    Peugeot enlist new Technicians

    Mind you, I should have had a clue when I spoke to the service manager....
  18. DKZ5745

    Peugeot enlist new Technicians

    So he got the head mechanic to look at my car....
  19. DKZ5745

    Peugeot enlist new Technicians

    I caught this guy doing my last service so I complained to the service manager....
  20. DKZ5745

    Really random question

    If you’re sitting inside the car you can press the door lock button in the centre of the dash.......