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  1. DKZ5745

    Gary Barlow Wine

    I have an apology to make. Last night I drank 3 bottles of the new Gary Barlow Wine. Whatever I said, Whatever I did, I didn’t mean it 😐
  2. DKZ5745

    Still got it

    How many new cars in the showrooms now will still look as relevant in 8 years time? Approaching its 8th birthday & still turning heads every trip
  3. DKZ5745

    Animated side indicators....

    Just spotted these in the sale at Ali express...... US $12.11 33% OFF|for Peugeot 207 308 3008 5008 RCZ Partner Citroen C3 C4 Coupe Picasso C5 DS3 DS4 Dynamic LED Side Marker Light Signal Blinker|Signal Lamp| - AliExpress
  4. DKZ5745

    EBay Bidding Scam - Beware.

    So, I have just received my new iPhone 12 Pro Max and put my iPhone X for sale on eBay. As it is boxed like new without a mark on it, I was expecting @ £300 - £340 for it having looked to see what they are going for. I was pleasantly surprised when I had 25 bidders and 27 watchers with the...
  5. DKZ5745

    Good wash after Fusso99 liquid coat.

    Had a quick trip out between showers after a good wash following applying Fusso liquid coat by Soft99.
  6. DKZ5745

    First Wax

    I had a bit of time today, so I gave the RRE its first ever coat of Fusso 99. Quite pleased with its first ever waxing...
  7. DKZ5745


    So, those of you who have been on here a while will know that I have had my Z for @ 7 years, low mileage, but driven as it should be. In that time I have barely had any issues. It’s been fully serviced by PUG under a service contract. In December 19 I had an EML & limp mode, so had 4 new coils &...
  8. DKZ5745

    The Range Wakefield 14.05.20

    Parked near this little number today ......
  9. DKZ5745

    Bad Timing

    I probably didn’t pick the best time to buy a new car. I have now washed it more times than I’ve driven it....
  10. DKZ5745


    Isn’t it about time we started a rumour that speed cameras are helping to spread the coronavirus 🤔😁
  11. DKZ5745

    Never buy a car that you need a ladder to clean 🙃

    It takes too long to wash...
  12. DKZ5745

    A good wash today

    Spent a few hours given them both a good wash today, hopefully get time to do a full detailing over the coming weeks...
  13. DKZ5745

    Near Bangkok Airport

    Moroccan Red near Bangkok Airport with quad tailpipes. I was amazed when it went past our minibus 👀
  14. DKZ5745

    Final wash of the decade ?

    So, as I am going away in a few days, this might be the final chance for a wash this decade, and I had to make it a quick one, bloomin family coming round, apparently it’s Christmas or something....🤔 I am concerned it’s starting to lose its shine...... good job the parcel from Slims...
  15. DKZ5745

    My Daughters Seat Ibiza:

    So, on her way back from York yesterday with a friend, just as the M1 merges before the M62 exit, traffic slowed suddenly as there was an accident @ 1 mile in front. She had to stop in the fast lane, just past another accident in the hard shoulder that two police cars were attending. As she was...
  16. DKZ5745

    Loving the snow

    Er.... loving the snow on the forum page 👍☃️ (I have to admit, at first I thought my acute dandruff had returned - phew what a relief!!) ❄️❄️❄️🌨
  17. DKZ5745

    Drone Pilots

    Just a heads up for all you drone pilots out there. From 30.11.19 it was illegal to fly any drone over 250g in the UK until you have registered as a drone operator & paid a £9 fee. You also have to take and pass an online test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. If you pass, you...
  18. DKZ5745

    Black with Silver Arches. Wakefield.

    Spotted a black with silver arches in Trinity Walk car park Wakefield. Reg. began RCZ.
  19. DKZ5745

    Moroccan Red

    The best colour of course 😃
  20. DKZ5745

    My RCZ story

    So back in 2014, I was looking for something to replace my Renault Megan CC. I came across an advert for an RCZ just a few months old, a Peugeot company car, assigned to the guy at Peugeot who was developing the Red Carbon special edition. It had all the extras they were putting into the Red...